what’s good

James Franco is hot. More importantly, he’s a super talented actor. I love him best in Freaks and Geeks. There is seriously no limit to the amount of times I can watch that show. Best writing and acting ever. Like this one scene where Sam and Neal and Bill are in gym and Bill is rocking the whole black socks with shorts look.

Neal: You look sort of like my grandpa.

Bill: Oh what, is your grandpa super cool?

So yeah, James Franco. I want to read his new collection of short stories, Palo Alto. I know there’s all this controversy about how James’s book is getting loads of attention just because he’s famous. Does his writing warrant the attention? I’m not sure yet. But look at Steve Martin. His novellas got crazy attention, but guess what? They are outstanding. I cannot wait for Steve’s new novel to come out next month. Anyway. I just think it’s cool that James is a multi-talented dude. He’s a writer, actor, producer, director, grad student, and probably a bunch of other things. And his mom, Betsy Franco, is a fellow YA author. I think that rocks especially hard.

This week went really fast. I suspect that’s because I was feeling suffocated by my to-do list. Do you ever feel like there’s no possible way you’ll be able to do everything you want to get done? Welcome to my October! Oh, and have you ever done something you think is a sweet idea and it gets taken the entirely wrong way? Welcome to my week! It hasn’t been the best one ever around here. Which is why I was so happy that Blake Nelson called me yesterday to say that he was visiting from L.A. and could I come out to play? Hells yeah I could! You guys know how much I adore Blake and his books. He’s an idol who has become a friend, and that is a righteous thing. Blake had never been to my fave coffeehouse. Of course I needed to correct that situation immediately. So I grabbed my ARC of Recovery Road (coming out in March!) and met him there.

Blake Nelson and Susane Colasanti with Recovery Road

Now it’s back to this first draft. First drafts are always the hardest part of the writing process for me. Plus the heat in my building came on last night. I always feel agitated when I hear the first sounds of my radiator clanking up again. But I’m not feeling as bummed about the impending winter this year as I usually am. And hey, we have two more months of fall! Let’s make the most of them, you and me.

8 thoughts on “what’s good

  1. James Franco love
    I love all things James Franco, he’s so interesting I just don’t see how his book could NOT be good! (did you read the article about him in the New Yorker—Fascinating)
    I even enjoyed his two stints on General Hospital where he played a serial killer/artist named Franco. Funnily enough, Betsy played serial-killer-Franco’s mother on General Hospital. How funny is that?

    • Re: James Franco love
      I saw some of those General Hospital clips on YouTube! Betsy was talking about it and posted a clip of just her scenes with James from one of those days. He was totally creeping me out in that way only James Franco can.
      I’ll have to check out that New Yorker article. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I LOVE freaks and geeks, and I remember exactly what scene you’re talking about.. I’m pretty sure I rewinded so I could watch it again


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