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The Austin Teen Book Festival is this Saturday, October 2! If you’re in the Austin area, I’d love to see you. We’ll be at Westlake High School from 10:00 to 5:00.

Everyone keeps telling me how awesome Austin is, so I’m really stoked. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to explore downtown. In addition to the cool coffeehouses and live music and indie bookshop BookPeople, Sandra Bullock owns a deli called Walton’s Fancy and Staple that I need to visit. And I heard that some scenes from Friday Night Lights were filmed at the high school where we’ll be. If I get any inside info, I will def be sharing that with you.

Austin Teen Book Festival

These authors will be in the house:

Keynote speaker: Ellen Hopkins
Boundary Breakers: Charles Benoit, Susane Colasanti, Ellen Hopkins, Kenneth Oppel, Jon Skovron
Mustache Twirlers: Pam Bachorz, S.A. Bodeen, Ally Carter, James Dashner, Catherine Jinks
Dastardly Daydreamers: Alexandra Adornetto, Melissa de la Cruz, Sophie Jordan, Nancy Werlin, Kiersten White

Bring on the festivities!

6 thoughts on “texas event

  1. So. Freaking. Excited.
    Hey Susane my name is Nani. Nani Wallflower (no, that’s not my real last name) 🙂
    I’m just SO psyched about you coming down to blech texas this saturday. It seems like nobody EVER comes down here. EEEEEVER. They always go to the glamorous, exciting places like New York and such. Can’t say I blame ’em, but hey, we need excitement in our lives down here, too, don’t we?
    So obviously, you could understand why I’m all jumping up and down renting a billboard about how you’re coming down here.
    Because, really. Do you know how big of a deal you are?
    A freaking badass ULTRA SHINY-GOLD-STAR big deal, thats how.
    Well, to warn you in advance, I will probably most definitely spaz out when I actually get to talk to you, so just so we’re clear:
    You rock my world. On many different levels. In many different tunes. 🙂
    You make my soul sparkle! You awesome boundry breaker, you. 😉

    • Re: So. Freaking. Excited.
      Okay, are you trying to win the Best Comment Ever award? Because I think you just won. Renting a billboard about it and everything! You are so sweet ❤
      See you really soon!

      • Re: So. Freaking. Excited.
        Home. What a strange, strange concept. I’m home now. How weird is it that I can come home and sleep and eat and wear my usual fuzzy socks after doing something truly extraordinary like MEETING SUSANE COLASANTI!! WHAT? How does life go on after such things?

        Hey Susane! Dude, I am STILL replaying things in my head. Like, I. Met. YOU. I met you! And I gave you a big shiny golden star! And you signed my book! And on the drive back home? I was rereading Waiting For You and suddenly, I just could not believe it. Out of nowhere I just like, shouted out like a crazy person, “Oh my gosh! I just met Susane Colasanti!” And of course, nobody in the car was understanding why this was such a big deal. But, you know, whatev.
        Question: How does a weekend get any better than this?
        Actually, it doesn’t. Thanks for coming down to texas, Susane! You rock. 🙂

        • Re: So. Freaking. Excited.
          I am loving your excitement! I’m also loving my gold star. No one has ever given me such a spectacular gold star before. Many thanks to you – I will cherish it always.
          The festival was a blast. You guys were amazing and that’s what made it such an awesome time. Thanks for being such an important part of it all ❤

  2. Ooh, I’m so happy you get to come to Texas. No one ever seems to come here and I live about three hours south of Austin and NO ONE famous ever visits. It totally sucks because I won’t be able to go to the event! 😦 Mostly, because I have a volleyball tournament tomorrow, but the drive is also pretty lengthy. Please blog about it here for the ones who don’t have the oppurtinity to attend! Hope you have an awesome time! (:

    • It was a totally awesome time! Plus, I got to see the actual Friday Night Lights Panthers football field before I left Austin today. I’ll be blogging about everything on Monday afternoon 🙂

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