awesome alert

Some awesome people have recently been doing some awesome things. That is why I thought you might want an awesome alert.

Let’s begin.

By now, you probably know that I worship Jon Stewart in a godlike way. How stoked am I for his Rally to Restore Sanity? At first I thought the whole thing was a joke to compliment Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive.  But then I went to their Twitter page and it says how the rally is on October 30 from 12:00-3:00 at the National Mall. Dude, isn’t that where Forrest Gump and Jenny had their epic reunion? I’m so there!

Before I see Jon at the rally, I’m going to see him at Barnes & Noble tomorrow. He’s reading from Earth, his textbook about our planet for extraterrestrials. Like America, it’s packed with highly informative, highly hilarious material. Even the “this book is the property of” stamp in the front cover is funny. I hope I can think of a good question to ask him. I never think of anything good to say when I meet the people who inspire me and I end up sounding like a babbling idiot. And then walking home I’ll be like, “Dir! That’s what I should have said!”

I think I did okay with Demetri Martin, though.

Susane Colasanti and Demetri Martin

He had a show here Saturday night which was, as always, the Best Comedy Show Ever. I’ve been a huge fan for many years and am thrilled that Demetri is starting to get the attention he deserves. If you’re unfamiliar with Demetri, I suggest you get acquainted. He does comedy for people who think. And he’s so sweet to his fans! He took the time to talk with every one of us who were waiting for him after. He took pictures with all of us and signed stuff. And he did all of this while eating an apple. Which he eventually had to put down. I felt kind of bad for him, like can’t the guy even eat his apple? He was probably really hungry. But it must have been a thrill for Demetri to see such a big crowd waiting out there for him. I told him about his upcoming shout-out in So Much Closer. He was really appreciative. John Oliver from The Daily Show stopped by to do a bit on stage. When he came out after, he was on his phone and didn’t come back to us. That’s cool, though. I’m sure we’ll catch up at the rally.

Here’s what the stage looked like from my front row seat (score!) before the show:

Demetri Martin show at Town Hall

Could I have been any closer? No. I could not have been. I couldn’t wait to find out what those weird symbols were. Especially that angry cat (which turned out to be Demetri’s idea for a bird feeder where badass birds would go in the mouth part and then it would look like the cat was spitting out birds when they flew away). Really good times.

As if things weren’t already awesome enough, Blake Nelson comes along with a new book and bam! I’m totally hooked.  It’s called Recovery Road, it comes out in March, and you want to add it to your list.  Trust me. Blake and I go way back, although he didn’t know it at the time. Girl was shelved in the adult fiction section when it first came out (along with Judy Blume’s Forever). After I read it and was completely blown away, I kept checking back for a new book by Blake. I just had to find out what happened to Andrea Marr and was hoping for a sequel. But there was nothing. Followed by more nothing. I was so disappointed. But then! I found out that Blake had all these other books out and they were all in the teen section. It was like Christmas, except without the family drama. I highly recommend everything Blake Nelson has ever written.

Well, this completes your friendly awesome alert at this time. I will keep you informed as more awesomeness develops. Oh, and if you think of a good question for Jon, please let me know!