thoughts on the autumnal equinox

Well, it’s officially fall. I wasn’t planning on blogging today. But you know when you have all these random thoughts rattling around and if you try to go to sleep you just end up with a case of noisy brain until three in the morning? In my experience, writing stuff down helps. So here I am sharing with you!

1. It didn’t feel like fall when school started. It felt like fall when I went into Whole Foods and saw that they’re transitioning from berries to pumpkins. That is a sad state of affairs. Because it means that the long wait for quality fruit to come around again has begun. I am a total fruit addict. Apples and oranges just don’t cut it when that’s all there is. Oh, plums and berries and melons, how I already crave you again. Until next time…

2. The Feast of San Gennaro is in full swing. It’s an annual street party in Little Italy where you go and eat. And appreciate Italian culture. But mostly, you just eat. My friend Jim and I are going this Sunday. We will pretty much be inhaling all of Little Italy. Seriously. It is a non-stop eating frenzy, complete with fried Oreos. It is the feast of our people and we are ready to bring it.

3. A while ago I wrote about finally getting around to reading The Hunger Games. I was absolutely blown away. Of course, all I could think about after was immediately tearing into Catching Fire. But I’ve made an executive decision to save Catching Fire to read on the plane to the Austin Teen Book Festival next weekend. Outstanding books for planes are essential. When I’m reading a good book in the airport and on the plane and waiting in all those lines, I’m in a happy place. I’m pretty sure I’m about to return to that happy place again. Cannot. Wait.

4. By now you’ve most likely heard about that wingnut who wants to ban Speak. Which is equivalent to banning literacy, compassion, and support. Oh, and a book teens actually like to read that can inspire a lifelong love of reading. Laurie Halse Anderson explained the situation on her blog. Then the #speakloudly hashtag took over Twitter to the point where it got a shout-out on NPR! What an awesome example of how passionate online discussions can influence other media. If you contributed to the discussion or are someone who speaks up for sanity in a time of much craziness, be proud.

5. Alain de Botton has a new book out. He’s my fave contemporary philosopher, so I am psyched. Get this – he was an actual writer-in-residence at Heathrow Airport. They set him up with a little desk right in a terminal. He observed airport culture. Then he wrote A Week at the Airport. I find this fascinating.

I think that’s about it for now. Let’s hope noisy brain doesn’t take over…


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