shiny new website

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my shiny new website! I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks and have finally finished the redesign. I needed to make some changes to get ready for my new book, So Much Closer. And I wanted a more polished look. At first, I was going to have a professional designer do the overhaul. But then I was like, “Wait. Why did I learn HTML and CSS and Dreamweaver and Photoshop if I’m not going to redesign my own website? I can do this!” I was doubting myself. I didn’t think I could create the look I was going for.

Then I created it anyway.

When my website was built in 2005, I absolutely knew I wanted a scrapbook theme. I think the scrapbook reflects the tone of my books. So I kept that going. It’s not as glossy profesh as I’d like, but I had such a specific vision of what I wanted that it was easier to do it myself. Plus, I saved almost a month’s rent. Bonus!

The new homepage looks like this:

Susane Colasanti's shiny new website

I love the pretty watercolor stripes on my new paperback editions so much that I used them for the website. Each page contains the stripe artwork from one of my books, with colors taken from the stripes’ palette.

The website pages are:

Books – From this page, you can click on each book’s cover to go to a detailed page for that book. Each book’s page contains a playlist, reviews, excerpts, ordering info, and extras.

Q&A – Contains links to interviews, a set of frequently asked questions, and related photos.

Events – This is where you can find details about my upcoming events, including readings, signings, and book festivals.

Life – A bit about where I’m from, why high school was the worst time ever, why I love writing books for teens, and the power of creative visualization.

Connect – You can sign up for my newsletter here. Β Links are included for my Facebook, fan page, Twitter, MySpace, and Goodreads.

Contact – How to reach me by email or vintage mail and contact info for my agent, publicist, and school visit coordinator.

Video – Links to my YouTube.

Blog – Links here to my WordPress.

So there you go, friendly neighbors. If you have any thoughts about my shiny new website, please share. I’d really love your feedback!

14 thoughts on “shiny new website

    • Yay, I’m thrilled you like it πŸ™‚
      I think you’re talking about my IL event that you went to…I have my past events from this year listed just for reference. We won’t know my 2011 events until next year, but I’m REALLY hoping to return to Anderson’s. And I hope you can be there!

      • I had to outsource my friendship bracelets to my sister and her friends. I recall lots of them being made at camp and then never making it through the rest of the year. I’m shocked they haven’t made a comeback actually…

  1. I love the new website! It’s very, very pretty. The new images for all the different pages are really cool too. Plus, that author picture is lovely and the website definitely shows your personality. Great job! πŸ™‚
    And about the iPod touch from the last post: awesomest thing ever! Now that I have one, I can’t believe I didn’t one sooner. Mine didn’t come with a camara though, and I only got mine on september 8th. Weird.

  2. So cool! You know, I never really thought about it (until you mentioned it, that is), but the whole scrapbook idea is so perfect for your books!
    And wow, I bow down to you and your tech savviness. Yo, it took me almost a week to figure out how to upload pictures onto my computer. πŸ™‚
    Love, Hannah

    • I’m happy that you get the scrapbook connection ❀
      You could totally learn web design. I taught myself mostly from books. I think it’s really important to keep my website fresh and updated, so doing my own changes is important to me. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Susane, it’s so cute! I learned HTML & CSS & Photoshop & Dreamweaver too, in grad school, but I would still have no idea how to make a home page the way you did, in scrapbook style! It’s very old school, reminiscent of stuff you probably designed and created during your HS years. I like the picture of you on the front page, too. You summed up your life really well in the Life section. I’m sure lots of teens (or former teens) can relate. It’s fun to see some of your childhood photos! It’s amazing that you’re one of those people who really chose to teach in the South Bronx. How did that work as far as safety/crime went?

    • Thanks so much! The safety issue seemed to get larger the last couple of years I was there. Those really early subway rides could get pretty scary, with dudes literally yelling in my face about all sorts of disgusting things. Such a fun way to start the day! The subway stop was right outside the school’s main entrance, so that was fine. A few potentially dangerous moments in the nabe, but that was all part of the package. I can say this: I’m definitely appreciating my new five-second commute to my desk.


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