it’s an apple world

Finding your way around my neighborhood can be challenging.

West Village street signs

The Village is a super cute area. One thing that makes it so unique is the street orientation. Most of Manhattan is on a numbered grid system, which makes it easy to navigate. But once you get down here, streets zigzag and curve and lots of them are only one block long. And most of the streets have names instead of numbers, which makes them hard to find. Tourists often ask me for directions. Like the other day when some tourists asked me how to get to a certain lacking cupcake shop. Naturally, I directed them to the far superior Crumbs. Their Cupcake of the Week was the Big Apple. Which I of course needed to try.

Big Apple cupcake from Crumbs

Even better than an apple cupcake (which was actually vanilla with chocolate buttercream filling)? A visit to the Apple Store, aka Shiny Happy Apple World. I was there a few weeks ago, trying to decide between getting an iPod touch and an iPad. I was like 90% sure I’d leave with one or the other. I decided to go with the iPod touch, but something made me wait. I even asked, “Do you know when the new ones are coming out?” They never know. I know they never know but I always ask anyway. It’s funny how we’re so used to the newer and better models blowing away the old ones that we’ve become reluctant to get anything right now. But dude, I am SO happy that I waited. The new iPod touch is amazing! I returned to Shiny Happy Apple World yesterday to get mine. The cameras! FaceTime! The incredible resolution! I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be obsessing over it for a while.

Which doesn’t mean that I won’t make time for new adventures in Netflix. I’m currently into Fringe. I loved the first season. And not just because Joshua Jackson is in it and I’m still missing Pacey Witter so much that sometimes I forget he’s a fictional character and I sit around wondering how he’s doing and if he and Joey are still together. Fringe is excellent on many other levels. It appeals to my scientist side, has really good writing, and is funny when you least expect it to be. Recommended, yo.

On an entirely unrelated note, there are two reviews of Waiting for You that I keep meaning to link to. Open Mind, Insert Book’s review is touching. And Fluttering Butterflies says that the whole book made her feel relaxed and content.  Nice.

No matter what you’re obsessing over this weekend, I hope you have a good one!