jam forever

Yesterday was one of those days when I needed a mood enhancer. As regular readers of this blog know, my drugs of choice are music, New York City, DVDs, and cupcakes. There’s one show that is always guaranteed to make me smile, no matter how sad I feel. That would be my favorite show, The Office. All year I wait for the latest season of The Office to come out on DVD. Well, last season just came out and yesterday was the perfect time to dig in.

So.  Exciting.

Of course, I knew about Jim and Pam’s wedding because I live in the world. But wow. I was not expecting their wedding to be anything like that. Which is why it was awesome.

Question. Their wedding sequence was based on a YouTube video. Were those people from a reality show or something? Or were they real people? The video has gotten like 55 million views. Could someone please explain?

In case you’ve forgotten…

Jam forever.

10 thoughts on “jam forever

  1. I think it was a real wedding, but they even did a follow up video where they faked a divorce w/ a dance off in a court room. 🙂

  2. They were real people at a real wedding. They posted it for their family and people who weren’t related started catching on by emails and comments about how great the video was. They talked about it on Good Morning America and later in the day, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson (I think that was his name), and Brian Williams all showed snippets of it on their evening news show. Then E! covered it and for the whole week it was all over t.v.Add in that the song was by Chris Brown and his history with Rihanna and the clip got some controversy and you know how people like controversy.
    There was a follow up video about the supposed divorce, but it wasn’t done by the same people. It was like a parody because at the end of the video the cast says, “just kidding! we love you guys!”

    • It’s so interesting how something the bride and groom probably thought only their friends would want to see took off like that. You just never know what combination of things will spark a mental flame!

      • It really is crazy cool. I don’t know if they are fans of the office.
        I know that some people criticized the writers for not being original. I think that the fans of the show got it. I mean, if you watch The Office you know that they obsess over iPods, Second Life, etc. I think it was just another one of those things. It sort of makes it as if these are real people and they too got in on it.
        I had watched one of the interviews that the couple did and they said that the video was for family who weren’t able to be at their wedding. The journalist joked that she was willing to bet no one would ever miss any of their events again 🙂
        P.S. If you search youtube you’ll discover that there are a lot of weddings that are going very modern with dance mixes and dance offs. It’s sort of like a trend now.


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