clear eyes, full wallets

It took me forever to fall asleep last night and I had no idea why. Then I remembered that today is the first day of school. When I was a teacher, it was always impossible for me to fall asleep the night before the first day. I guess that tendency will always be with me. It feels kind of weird not to be meeting new students and reuniting with old ones. But it’s okay because there are a few other kids in my life. Although they’re fictional, they feel as real as anyone I know. And I worry about them and want the best for them just like they’re my own students.

Now, I have to give props where props are due. My friend Sarah Dessen was the one who got me into Friday Night Lights. You know how someone will be like, “Dude, you HAVE to see this show,” and you don’t doubt that it will be good but you’re just not inspired to start watching it right away? The same thing happened with The Hunger Games and I’m sure when I start watching Glee I’ll be all, “Why didn’t you guys force me to start watching this a long time ago?!” When Sarah says something is good, there’s a very good chance I’ll like it, too. We have a lot of common interests (e.g. cupcakes, Whole Foods, flip-flops, organization). Still, it took a while for me to add Friday Night Lights to my queue. But right from that first ep, I was totally hooked. Every episode puts a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Every single one.

That’s some magic right there, y’all.

There’s so much junk on TV that it’s completely refreshing to see relationships that feel so real it’s like they’re happening next door. The Taylors are the most realistic portrayal of marriage you’ll see.  Just look at the way Tami is eyeing Eric:

Tami and Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins and the other kids I loved graduated before this last season, which I was really bummed about. I was all stubborn about meeting the new characters. But the writing is so freaking good that I warmed right up to them. And Landry is still around, saying things like, “You’re signing up for the book club, which would normally be fine except this week’s book is Twilight.” It’s just so, so good. Oh, and if you heard that rumor that the show’s about football? Please. I can’t even kick a kickball. Start watching. You will quickly get attached.

In contrast, we have last season of Gossip Girl. It’s not pulling me in the way it usually does. GG had me right away with Dan Humphrey. The poor kid at the rich kid school is something I can relate to very well. But now it’s like…the drama isn’t as riveting and some of the glitz is gone and Dan seriously needs a haircut. Not that I’m over GG. That will never happen. I heard that the last ep is a major cliffhanger, so that’s something to look forward to. And those zany kids crack me up more and more, the way they’re teenagers and yet they reference places like Milk & Honey.

Let me tell you about Milk & Honey. It’s this super exclusive bar that you can only get into by referral. Once you get the secret number, you have to call to make an appointment. An appointment. To go to a bar. With a secret number. They even have house rules. Now, you know I don’t drink. But this is New York City. Which means that if I want to be social I sometimes have to go to bars and sip my Shirley Temple while yelling over music and enduring people yelling in my ear when I would much rather avoid all the yelling and sit in a coffeehouse playing board games instead. But my boyfriend at the time had been trying to get into Milk & Honey forever. So I used my girly attributes to get a bartender at an affiliated bar to give me the secret card with the secret number. We called, got an appointment, and went. Was it all that? Not even close. It’s just that I like having different experiences. And I think when a chance comes along for you to do something rare, you should take it.

Anyway. I’m sure things will pick up in Gossip Girl world. It’s hilarious that a few of the kids are at NYU now but we have yet to see anyone going to class or writing a paper. Oh, the life of privilege. Which reminds me. I’ve selected my future home. It’s such a steal at only $33 million! What do you think?

11 thoughts on “clear eyes, full wallets

  1. You have not watched Glee yet!?!?!? You will die….the characters and story lines are just so perfectly hilarious and sad. But I have a show choir background so I’m biased, but I repeat: you will die!
    *sigh*…..This should be your number one priority right now. lol
    But I can’t really talk b/c I have read Sarah’s blog w/ her begging us to watch FNL for forever now and I have purposely been avoiding it so I won’t have ANOTHER show I am addicted to. So *sigh* to us both 🙂
    And the last episode of GG is INSANE! Last season wasn’t all that awesome but I am so pumped for this season b/c there is just so much going on. I’m pumped for GG, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, The Office….ugh the list goes on and on. Hence my desire to avoid new shows. lol.

    • Don’t even start with me and The Office. Last season came out on DVD today and I could not be more excited. I’ve been waiting all year for this! I’m curious to see what happened over at Grey’s, too.
      Okay, Friday Night Lights does not have that many eps. Its last (fifth) season is about to start and each season is only like 12 or 13 eps. So I think we should make a pact that you will start watching FNL and I will start watching Glee. Right after I’m done with The Office. Oh, and 30 Rock’s about to come out. And Fringe. And Brothers & Sisters…

  2. I basically want to say ditto to that entire blog entry!
    I also jumped on The Friday Night Lights bandwagon way too late. The Taylors are my favorite TV couple ; and don’t get me started on Tim Riggins. 🙂
    Tami: “What is The Scarlet Letter about, Tim?”
    Tim: “It’s about a gal named Scarlet, obviously.”

  3. I hadn’t heard a lot about FNL but the pilot episode just happened to be on tonight on ABC family so I thought why not watch it, I didn’t think I was going to get that into it. OMG! It was so good. It has such a cool feel and the episode made me cry at the end! Now I’m addicted!! I can’t wait to see the next episode.
    Ps: glee is amazing! You must watch it! The characters are awesome( I love Finn!!!) and the singing is amazing.

  4. I haven’t see glee either, yet everyone loves it. Judging only by the commercials on tv, when it first came out i thought it was supposed to be like high school musical except for a alittle bit older audience. My friend told me to read the hunger games after i read about it on this blog. maybe it’s becoming the next “twilight”. lol. Maybe I should read it some time.

    • The inside info I’ve gotten is that dystopia (like The Hunger Games) is the new vampires. Which is fine because, really, vampires have had their day.
      It’s pretty clear that we need to watch Glee. If you start before I do, please let me know what you think!

  5. When yo come down to Austin, Texas in a few weeks you’ll be very close to where NFL is filmed! I love, love, LOVE that show as well 🙂
    P.S. I can’t wait to meet you in Austin!


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