A new semester is in full swing at NYU. I live a few blocks from campus (i.e. Washington Square Park, clusters of buildings, ginormous library) and walk by all the time. But the beginning of September is always special. You can totally feel a renewed vibe of possibility in the air. Parents snapping photos of their kids in front of the fountain. Everyone lugging stuff to their dorms in big Kmart bags. People with new backpacks and sneakers clutching maps of the Village. Freshmen giggling in huddles of nervous excitement. There’s nothing like starting your first year of college, finally getting a chance to be who you’ve always wanted.

If their college experience turns out to be anything like mine, soon that shiny new feeling will be replaced by insane class demands, even crazier roommates, and feeling left out because you have to work when everyone else is lounging on the lawn, making friends. Which can put a girl in a need of a treat. No worries! The Cake & Shake cart is here to help.

Cake & Shake

Cake & Shake has a new cupcake and milkshake cart parked on campus. I love them because all of their packaging is 100% biodegradable (cupcakes come in paper liners) and the cart runs on green energy. This is just one of the billion things I love about New York. Such creative people come here to turn their dreams into reality you can’t even believe it. There seems to be a service for every possible thing a person could want, right down to an astonishing array of food carts. There’s even a cart that only has waffles. Only waffles! Just as New Yorkers appreciate how misfits can come here and fit right in, we appreciate variety of all kinds.

In other news of new things, I have some links to share with you:

If you’re doing something cool over the long weekend, please have some extra fun for me. I’ll be working and keeping my hair out of any Hurricane Earl-related downpour. Today was Japanese straightening time. Which means that for the next three days, my hair must remain completely dry. True, my hair was worked on for five long hours, but I only have to do this twice a year. The whole rest of the year I just get out of the shower, run a comb through my hair, and I’m done. No product. No blow drying. No hassle. Totally worth it. Or it will be, after hiding out for the next three days…

7 thoughts on “new

  1. Oh, Japanese hair straightening, how I love thee. Do you really have to keep your hair dry for three days? I only have to keep it dry for one (24 hrs). I wonder if there’s a difference in the formula.
    And yay for school! Honestly, I don’t miss it, but it’s definitely an exciting time. And I so heart Waiting For You. Methinks it’s time for a reread =)

    • Wow, I’m honored that you would even consider reading it again 😀
      I suspect the three days thing is a bit more than absolutely necessary, but it’s what I’ve always been told. The last thing I want to do is risk throwing away a lot of time and money by running around in the rain. I guess I’m still amazed that technology can tame my hair – and I’m still paranoid!

  2. I’m starting my first year in high school tomarrow and for some reason, I’m extremely nervous. I have no reason to be nervous but I always am before school starts.

    • I was always SO nervous before the first day of school, especially the first day of high school. I would try to go to sleep early the night before, but I’d be awake until way late, trying not to look at the clock. All of this is to say: You are not alone! Trust me, everyone else you’re going to see at school tomorrow is just as nervous, including some of the teachers (like the newer ones). If you keep that in mind, it might help tomorrow – knowing that even though the other kids might not look nervous, they totally are. I’ll be sending you positive energy 🙂


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