oth & ssb

Happy Mockingday! Suzanne Collins was here in New York at the Columbus Circle Borders this afternoon. I really, really wanted to go stand in her insanely long line, but it was a mob scene. Oh yeah, and I had to work. Now I’m feeling like I’ve missed out on a piece of history. Well, hopefully I’ll get to meet her one of these days and she can stamp my copy of Mockingjay with her special stamp (which I heard is what she’s doing instead of signing copies) and tolerate my zany fangirl antics. I’m sure some of you are already done reading the book. Was it as amazing as you’d hoped? No spoilers, please.

I’m totally behind in my reading. I haven’t even read Catching Fire yet. I know! Does it sound crazy that I’m loving the anticipation of having two more Hunger Games books left almost as much as I’ll love reading them? One thing I did manage to finish is last season of One Tree Hill. It just came out on DVD and Netflix was kind to me. Wish I could say the same about Friday Night Lights, but unfortunately it’s stuck in very long wait status. Not. Fair. And Gossip Girl just got pushed out of my queue entirely. Oh, Netflix. We were having such a good relationship. Where did it go so wrong? At least I got my One Tree Hill on. I thought last season was really sweet, except I was seriously missing Lucas and Peyton. They’re the defining characters of the show and it’s just not the same without them. So I was relieved to see that my favorite couple is still going strong:

Nathan and Haley forever, One Tree Hill

Naley forever. What else. The John Hughes tribute rocked. Especially when Haley and Nathan were kissing over her birthday cake in the Sixteen Candles scene. Tear! And Jamie’s bunny, Chester, is such a scene stealer. Chester is so fat and fluffy I can’t even stand it. I could just watch Chester for 42 minutes. Hm. Maybe this means I should get a bunny.

I’m pretty sure I need a bigger apartment first, though. Saving up to buy a place in my neighborhood is no joke. It’s a big part of the reason I don’t spend much money on myself. The other part is that I’ve always been super frugal. It’s how I put myself through college and how I paid back my student loans. But sometimes? I like to try on outrageously expensive clothes for fun, even though I know I’d never buy them for myself. This is part of my SSB – Secret Shopping Behavior.

Remember in Sex and the City when Carrie was talking about her Secret Single Behavior? If I recall correctly (which I totally do because I’ve seen every ep like a grillion times), it was to spread grape jelly on a stack of saltines and eat them standing up in the kitchen while reading fashion magazines. My SSB – the shopping kind – took me into Anthropologie. Don’t you love it in there? Everything’s so watercolor floaty romantic. Like this super soft shirt I tried on:

Susane Colasanti loves Anthropologie

Of course I documented the try-on for you. I loved this shirt, but it was $68. There’s no way I’d pay $68 for a shirt. If I spent that kind of money on clothes (jeans being the exception) I’d still be paying off student loans and living in Queens. I rarely spend more than $20 on a top, or $10 on a tee. Could I have technically purchased this shirt for myself? Sure. It’s just not how I operate. So I’ll keep trying on pretty clothes and adding things to my online shopping cart that I’ll never check out with. We all have our SSB, whether it’s the single or shopping kind. And one day, I’ll own a home and the years of saving will have been worth it. Now that’s what I call SSB – Smart Saving Behavior. Love.