why i live here, reason #103

KIMM FENEX, Motivational Artist, 6th Avenue & 9th Street:

Friendly neighbor alert

KIMM’s purpose is to help others feel good inside, encourage self-awareness, and engage people with their surrounding environment. New Yorkers typically walk very quickly without taking time to really look around. I was crossing the street when I noticed KIMM’s bright pink sneakers. He was holding a bowl of rolled papers tied with pretty ribbons. So of course I had to ask about them. They were motivational messages for the mind and heart.

It was hard to pick just two messages. The first one told me to picture something I think I can’t do, then to do it. The second one was a reminder that we should surround ourselves with people who support us. Sometimes I forget that one and end up spending too much time with negative people. Negative people are energy drains. Inviting positive people into our lives makes it much easier for us to live in the light.

Truth. You go with your motivational self, KIMM.

8 thoughts on “why i live here, reason #103

  1. What a great person! And good for you that you stopped to talk to him. It may have been the pink sneakers, but you were following a positive energy that brought you to the encounter with KIMM.

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