pub date + more news

The pub date for So Much Closer has been finalized! It’s May 3, 2011. I know that’s a while from now, but Amazon already has a So Much Closer page and we’re pretty sure the pub date won’t change. When I’m allowed to share the cover, you’ll see it here first. It’s my favorite cover so far. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

There’s also some event news. I’m coming to Texas! I’ll be at the Austin Teen Book Festival on October 2. I’ve been hearing how cool Austin is and I’m really looking forward to meeting those of you who live in the area. I’ll post all of the event details here when I have them.

Some online news:

Erika Breathes Books interviewed me about cupcakes, the best part of the YA world, and which song I would be (loved that question!).

In a review of When It Happens, Just Read says, “Susane Colasanti never fails to give me faith in fate, soul mates, and love.” That’s what I’m here for.

That’s Write reviewed Take Me There. Leigh says it’s “romantic and angsty, and justice is served.” Awesome.

I’m feeling that dystopia is the new vampires. Did you read this New Yorker article about why YA dystopia is so hot right now? I loved their point about how high school is a dystopia. Because everything is pretty much as bad as it can get in high school.

It’s so funny when I meet grownups and they find out I’m a YA author and they’re like, “Oh, I loved high school! I wish I could go back!” I’m like, Who are you? Seriously with the wanting to go back? I mean, yeah, I’d go back if I could have perfect skin and hair that did what I wanted it to and rich parents so I could fit in with all the other kids at my school instead of getting tormented every day. But let’s keep it real. Anyone who says high school was the best time of their life was either physically and financially privileged back then or just forgets 98% of what happened.

This is actually good news. For those of you in middle school or high school, let me just tell you. Things do get better after this. Like, way better. And those kids who make your life miserable? Eventually, you won’t even remember all their names. Or even that you knew them. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. So focus on you this year. Get stellar grades, learn new skills, and make good friends. It’s a new year and it can totally be a new you if you make it happen. I’ll be rooting for you all the way.