colors and copyedits

I have this conflict about paper. I love paper. The different textures, the colors, the nuances amidst the fibers. I even like the way every book seems to have its own unique smell. I have zero desire to read a book in electronic form. I look at a screen all day, thanks. Reading is supposed to be my relaxation time. That said, becoming increasingly paperless is a good thing for many reasons. You guys know I’m all about the green living. But paperless books? It will take me a long time to get there. Like, a long time.

There’s been one switch from paper to screen that I’ve already adapted to, though. With my first two books, I submitted my manuscripts in printed-out form via vintage mail. When my editor was done with line-editing, I got the manuscript back with all of her symbols and notes. I loved looking at those symbols and notes. Getting my manuscript back from the copyeditor was always a thrill. There were my copyeditor’s notes and my editor’s notes and other notes, all in different colors of colored pencils. I would pick out a colored pencil that was a different color than the ones they used (preferably purple or hot pink) and write in my responses. I still have those copyedited manuscripts. They’re like quaint relics now. Which is so weird because they’re only from like three years ago.

See, this is why I’m so thankful that I became an author when I did. I got to experience both worlds of publishing – the old world that is quickly being phased out, and the new world in which I don’t even use colored pencils anymore. Now we all use track changes in Word to communicate our edits and notes. Our comments appear in bubbles in the right margin. Bubbles are the new Post-its. Each of us has her own bubble color. The thing is, the bubble colors change from one day to the next. I am very sensitive about which color I get.

My editor sent me the copyedits for So Much Closer a few days ago. When I first opened the document, my bubble color was aqua! Aqua rules! Well no, lavender rules, but aqua is a close second. Of course I had to document the aqua (I may never get it again!):

Ultimate copyediting colors

The next time I opened the document, I got red. Still good, but not the best. Now I keep getting dark blue. Which is bumming me out, but I’m not allowed to pick my color. Supposedly. However, my skilled copyeditor has selected a lime green for herself and every time I open the document, she’s lime green. I’ll have to find out her secret.

At this point in the life of So Much Closer, I’ll only have one or two more chances to make any final changes. So I’m scrutinizing every word, every optional comma choice, everything. I’m one of those perfectionists who’s never happy with the end product. Oh, well. It’s time to get back to my dork-off with track changes in color anticipation. Lavender? Please?