getting connected

Whenever people ask me what I like best about being an author, it’s always easy to answer them. The best part of my job is getting to meet my readers! You guys are why I write. The thing is, I work at home all day and rarely get the chance to see my readers. Which is why I’d love to meet you on my next book tour! If you’d like me to visit your area, please join my Facebook fan page discussion. Just tell me where you are and the name of your school or local bookstore. With enough interest in your area, we can hopefully schedule an event there during the So Much Closer tour next year.

I’m super excited to get out there again and connect with readers, teachers, librarians, counselors, and everyone else who makes my job possible. For now, though, I’m spending the summer writing book six. It’s hard to believe that I’m working on my sixth book already. Three years ago at this time, I had just resigned from teaching. I was trying to get used to working alone after being around hundreds of people every day. One thing that helped was connecting with other authors. I started reading Laurie Halse Anderson’s blog regularly. You can learn a lot over there. I loved Laurie’s post last week about her revision process. She shared an early first page of Wintergirls. Naturally, I immediately got out my (signed – awesome!) copy of Wintergirls to compare that early page to the final version. Extremely inspirational. Laurie said how we shouldn’t be so critical of our first drafts. First drafts are a time of exploration. And they often suck. Which made me feel better about the suckitude of my current first draft.

So I’m pressing on. If we never give up, we can only get closer to our goals. One goal I recently achieved was scoring excellent seats to Mummenschanz! They’re the ultimate performance art. I saw them on Sesame Street when I was little, then again on a Girl Scouts field trip, and then here in New York years ago. I’ve been waiting impatiently for them to return. On the winter solstice, they’ll be back! I can’t wait for the reunion. In case you don’t know Mummenschanz, here’s a compilation of some of their performances. They redefine awesome.