the hunger games

I know I’m tardy to the party.

But oh. my. god.

I cannot believe how amazing The Hunger Games is.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

When was the last time a book had me so addicted? I can’t even remember. This is the kind of rare book that you stay up way too late reading, knowing you’re going to pay for it the next day but not caring. The time was 3:21 a.m. when I finally put this book down. I could have easily read right into sunrise.

Fans of Suzanne Collins have been raving about this book. Of course I heard them. It’s just that the whole dystopia genre isn’t something I prefer. I like realistic books with realistic characters doing realistic things. But I finally had to get this book after all the raving by people who know me and know I’m all about The Real. I was thrilled to discover that this story felt just as realistic (even more so in a lot of ways) than anything else. So if you’re like me, please don’t be deterred by the nature of the story. It’s an incredible read. I’m completely blown away.

It’s been really hard not to dive right into Catching Fire. There are some galleys of books I might blurb that I promised I’d read, so they’re priority. But when I’m done? It will just be me, Catching Fire, and my puffy chair.