working out, kicking back

Going to the gym is hilarious on so many levels. First off, it’s amazing that I’ve belonged to gyms since I was 18 considering that I hated gym in high school. No, I HATED. IT. Those of you who’ve read When It Happens know what I’m talking about (see the Here’s Why Gym Sucks list on page 127). But belonging to a gym as a grownup is a whole different thing. I don’t have to be tormented by scary dodge balls flying at me. I can do my elliptical or lifting or kickboxing or whatever else I want. Well, it’s been a while since I did kickboxing. Or any other class for that matter. Eight years, actually.

I didn’t mean to get into an exclusive relationship with my elliptical for eight years. It just happened. I switched gyms and stopped taking classes and switched gyms again and was too lazy to start taking new classes. Until today. I took my first class since I stopped and was not at all prepared. That was one serious wake-up call in cardio sculpt today. After about five minutes, I was pretty much on the floor. Hilarious! When you do the same workout for years, your muscles adapt and you hit a plateau. The elliptical has spoiled me. Which is why we need some time apart. I’m not talking about breaking up. We just need to see other people. The other people I need to see are instructors who will whip my butt into shape. Was I really the princess of step, dance aerobics, and kickboxing in my 20s? I kind of was, yes. And I’m determined to earn my crown back.

Something else I’m determined to do is catch up on my summer reading. I finally bought The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. After hearing so many of her fans rave about it, I could no longer resist. The girls next to me were buying Waiting for You. It’s fun when people are picking out my books while I’m standing right next to them. I also bought Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, which for some inexcusable reason I haven’t read yet. Sarah did a summer reading recommendation video for Barnes & Noble – it’s here, in case you haven’t seen it yet – and all of the featured books were on a cute display. So a big thanks to Sarah for spreading the love!

My new books will be much appreciated over the next few days. I’ll be unplugging from all things Internet to go chill in Philly. I love reading on the train. The main reason I’m going to Philly is for John Mayer’s show across the river in Camden, but I’ll also get to hang out with some friends and see how much Penn’s campus has changed since I last visited. It’s funny how I spent so many late nights in the science lab building, had so many frustrating times there and could not wait for the endless work to be over, and now I’m all excited to go back. Just goes to show that time really does heal.

While I’m gone, I’ll leave you with this interview by Allykatzz. Those girls rock. And because I’m psyched out of my mind about this concert, here’s the Waiting for You playlist.

Out of all my book playlists, this one seems the most summertime to me. It’s just a happy, mellow mix. You can check out the other playlists on my website.

Whatever’s going on in your life these days, I hope you take some time to kick back and enjoy the summer breeze!