why i live here, reason #573

Anayvelyse at the Poem Shop, University Place between 13th & 14th Streets.

Poem Shop

She’s a poet with an aura of awesomeness. Of course she was set up right outside Crumbs. She knows what’s good.

Anayvelyse writes poems on her typewriter, then edits them at home. She trades poems for money or found objects.


5 thoughts on “why i live here, reason #573

  1. That’s cool. Poetry is like art, but instead of visually seeing it, you imagine the story or emotion it portrays. I like the city, it’s full of people and sights you’ll never see in a small town (where I live in).

      • Yeah. I want to live up in new York too. Even though a part of me wants to stay here. Although I feel like an opprtunity is waiting for me there. I’ve had that feeling since after the feild trip to NYC. I really want to go back. 🙂


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