I’ve been thinking a lot about endings lately.

You guys know that I pretty much worship My So-Called Life in a religious way. It deserved many, many more seasons than it got. When the first (and only) season ends, Angela discovers that Brian wrote a love letter she thought was from Jordan. I always wondered what would have happened in the next season, or even farther down the road. Would Angela and Brian have ended up together?

IMHO, I do believe they would have. But not right away. I totally see Angela and Jordan getting back together for a while. Which would of course end tragically all over again. The Jordan Catalanos of the world never work out.

Whenever a good book or movie or show ends, I always have to imagine what happens next. There’s no way I can let characters I’ve become so attached to just fade away.

Here’s that last scene. You decide what happens next.

3 thoughts on “endings

  1. Oh, man, I worship My So-Called Life, too. It’s the best!!!! I’ve probably seen every episode about 10 times. I wish it had gone on for at least one more season. One season alone is just too little. That show was genius.

      • Oh, totally. I missed it on TV when it first came out. I remember everyone at school talking about it, but by the time I wanted to watch it, it had already been canceled. So then they showed reruns on MTV for a long time. They used to have those marathons where they showed every episode in order all day long. A few years after that this channel called “The N” put it in syndication and I got to see it again. I should really get the DVD.


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