the little things

Last night was super fun. It wasn’t even about doing anything major. Just some of the little things that make me happy. I walked along the High Line to see the flowers and the view. There was an awesome sunset with pink clouds. Pink clouds at sunset rule. Mint chocolate cookie ice cream was also involved. The night had that same excited feeling of anticipation I had when I first moved here 14 years ago. It was sweet.

Another sweet thing is my Bobble water bottle. It has a built-in filter, so you just fill it up wherever and you instantly have fresh water. It’s perfect for the gym!

Bobble water bottles

One little thing I’m way too excited about is my new day planner. I know I’m like the last person still using a paper day planner. I’m old-school like that. My teacher self still anticipates the whole back to school routine of getting new supplies. You might even find me in Staples buying a new set of pencils before I need them. The beginning of August is usually when I get my new day planner (always for the academic year instead of the calendar year – that’s how I’m programmed). But I was in the stationery store where I get all of my colored pens the other day and thought, Why not see the new day planner designs? Every year I get a very specific kind of day planner. The colors and designs change every year. This time, it was like they read my mind. There was one design where you could put your own picture right on the front. I’ve been wanting them to do that for years. And now they have!

Yes, I am a total nerd. Which you already know.

Some friendly neighbors have been asking if any of my books are out in audio. Brilliance Audio is totally taking care of business. Something Like Fate is out on MP3 and CD. All of my other books will be out in audio this fall. It’s a little thing, but when my audio copies arrived I was pretty stoked.

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti audiobooks

What I’m most excited about right now is seeing John Mayer next week. And dude, I might be front-row center again! I was front-row center when I saw John earlier this year at Madison Square Garden, which is how I took these amazing photos to show you. I can’t wait to do it all again. When he was here in February, we had some serious blizzard conditions. Everyone was layered in their puffy coats and scarves. This time we’ll be outside on a warm night. Totally different experience. Plus, I’ll be spending a few days in Philly. I fell in love with Philly while I was at Penn, so going back to visit is always fun. Some of my good friends are still there. I’ll hang out on campus and imagine times I wish I’d had (which may sound depressing, but it actually helps me with my writing). And then celebrate what makes me feel alive with JM.

Yeah, it’s all about the little things. They add up to create the big picture of our lives. They’re what makes living in the Now a happy place to be. And I, for one, am their biggest fan.