heat wave

Hot enough for you? I’m good, thanks. It hit 103 degrees here yesterday and we’re doing it all over again today. And the rest of the week. The average maximum temperature for yesterday is 83 degrees, by the way. Hopefully, everyone is feeling cooler than I am. Because of course my air conditioner stopped working. One of the few times I actually need it.

So yeah. I’m pretty crispy.

Which is why today’s blog entry needs to be done in short snippets. I have things to share, but energy must be conserved.

1. I was really shy about setting this up, but I finally have a Facebook fan page. It would love your love.

2. Does anyone else have a favorite article of clothing they wear right away after doing laundry? I’m currently playing favorites with this cute pajama set from Forever 21. It’s a tank with a yellow bird that goes with these little gray shorts. And yes, this does mean that I technically work in pajamas.

3. I haven’t seen Twilight, but I’m still impressed with Taylor Lautner. He’s always so mature and thoughtful in interviews. Is that boy really only 18?! That rocks. He’s one less person I have to worry about.

4. Smiley face fireworks!

Smiley face fireworks

5. When I found out who was in The Good Guy, I was stoked. It has Alexis Bledel (from Gilmore Girls), Bryan Greenberg (from One Tree Hill), and Scott Porter (from Friday Night Lights). It was like a reunion of all the best characters playing other characters. I was also stoked because The Good Girl is one of my Top Five Fave Movies Ever. How cool would that have been if I loved this film almost as much? While it was good, I’m not doing cartwheels about it. Definitely recommended, though.

6. Does that ShamWow thing really work?

7. New reviews of Something Like Fate can be found at Teen Ink and The Paperback Princess, who gives it five tiaras!

Keep it cool, everybody!


2 thoughts on “heat wave

  1. I invited all of my friends on facebook to your fan page. Hopefully a lot will join!
    I JUST got The Good Guy in the mail from Netflix yesterday. I guess I’ll have to see it for sure now that you’ve give a recommendation.

    • Thanks for spreading the word! I feel pretentious asking people to join my fan page, but I guess it’s common enough at this point.
      I think you will enjoy The Good Guy. It has a pretty heavy twist I didn’t see coming, which is always a good thing!


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