kristen stewart

I’ve admired Kristen Stewart for a long time. She was phenomenal in Speak.  She was phenomenal in The Cake Eaters.  And she was beyond phenomenal in a movie that is so outstanding it leaves me in a state of awe every time I watch it, The Safety of Objects.  She is just so freaking talented I can’t even.  If you also love Kristen and haven’t seen these movies, you really should add them to your queue.

You can tell from watching her amazing performances that she’s a deep person.  You can also tell that she’s shy.  So when the whole Twilight thing blew up and people were saying that she seems awkward doing press, it wasn’t exactly news. It must be really hard for someone who’s shy to be in front of so many people all the time. I wonder if it’s something you can ever get used to.

This video is of Kristen arriving at The Late Show yesterday.  When I linked to it on my Twitter, it had 300-something views.  Now it’s had over 21,000.  Here’s a Coffee Talk topic for you: Would you want to be as crazy famous, doing this over and over? Discuss.

16 thoughts on “kristen stewart

  1. LOL! Mom and I saw her on The Late Show Yesterday. I love watching her live! She amuses me with her awkwardness. Mom called her boring. Mom’s weird.
    I always wondered if you watch Twilight. Do you keep up? Any comment?

    • One of these days I might sit down and have myself a huge Twilight viewing party where I’m the only guest. I haven’t read the books or seen any of the movies. This is because I have a strict anti-vampire policy. Vampires are scary. Even when they’re sexy scary they are still scary, which doesn’t really work for me. I just prefer books and movies that feel as real as possible. However, the vampire trend has been running strong for so long that my interest may be changing. Stay tuned 😉

      • I went to the Eclipse showing last night (I live in south Texas, but no hurricane can stop me 😉 ) and yes. The vampires were kinda creepy. And some get ripped into pieces…. SO COOL! Lol but at least read the books someday. Pretty good stuff 🙂

  2. Yes. I’d like that. But I love to have my picture taken (as you should know), so this part of the deal I’d love. I would hate the loss of privacy, and having paparazzi taking pictures of me in a situation I didn’t want, though. There’s such a fine line, and I don’t know how well I’d be able to handle the bad side of the fame line.
    I’d be willing to give it a shot, though. 🙂

    • I know what you mean. Even though stars can enjoy all the perks that come with fame, there’s something really sad about not being able to do anything normal without an entourage stalking you. I’m assuming that gets old fast.

  3. celebrities should wear sunglasses at all times, due to their blindness after all of the flashes from 1,000 cameras. ow. I don’t think I would want that. if I want to be famous, I think I would just want to be well-known, or something. I don’t know if that’s possible, though.

    • It’s possible, depending on what you’re well-known for. Like with bestselling authors. More people are discovering what they look like because of the Internet, but even so very few authors are recognizable. Or how about the dude who discovered Velcro? I have no idea what he looks like!

  4. Savannah
    I also fell in love with kristen stewart way before twilight mania (2006) after I saw Speak. It is still the greatest book movie ever in my book (no pun intended). I kinda wish the whole twilight thing hadn’t happened. She is amazing

    • Re: Savannah
      Yes, Speak (the movie) definitely did Speak (the book) justice. If one of my books is ever made into a movie, I hope it’s as incredible as the Speak adaptation was.

  5. I remember watching Speak and then seeing her in the trailer for Twilight and practically having a baby I was so excited.
    Maybe that joke isn’t funny. I love babies.
    She is such a great girl. I don’t know how she does it.

  6. I would rather be rich than famous. Then I could control what I spent money on and who I gave money to and it would give me a lot more control over my own life than fame would. Fame is chaos. Sometimes it’s lovely, sometimes it’s horrifying. What Kristen goes through here might be fun once or twice a year, but who says how often this happens to you? Not you. 😉
    I definitely think most authors have it really good, because they’re respected and loved, but not usually flat-out harassed most of the time (unless you’re Stephenie or J.K.). They’ve had success, but not so much that it changes them as people or revamps how they go out in public.
    When I was dating someone famous, I was shocked at how often he was recognized, whether it was the middle of nowhere or a larger city. People were not shy about coming up to him either. Eating at a restaurant or having a drink or walking through a casino on the way to the hotel… well, it was hard. And he didn’t want to be rude. But it was like… all the time. Plus it does seem to affect many people’s personalities over time, and not always in a great way. Either they get in over their heads and have issues with drugs or relationships, or they just let it *go* to their heads…
    I’m so over the fame thing. 😉 A little is cool. A lot is not.
    I love Kristen though, and if it makes her happy at all, more power to her. There is that rare class of people that can handle it well.

    • If the someone famous you dated was John Krasinski, I am going to be so freaking jealous of you. Or if it was Tobey Maguire. Or Jake Gyllenhaal. Or anyone else on my husband list.

      • Hahaha! He’s not on your husband list, I promise. And *I* broke up with *him*. LOL! But we are still friends.
        Also, confession: I’m so out of the loop that I would almost never recognize a famous person on the street. I had never even seen Spiderman until I caught it at the hotel coming back from my trip. I knew who your other husbands were, but (face of shame) I seriously didn’t know who Tobey Maguire was until a few weeks ago. (If you hadn’t made that Seinfeld confession I may have been too embarrassed to tell you this!) Thank goodness I finally have Netflix now. 😉

  7. I loved Kristen in Speak, I remember taping the movie on a VHS tape because I wasn’t going to be home when it was premiering on TV. I think that she does a good job in the Twilight movies.
    I don’t know if I would ever want to be famous like that. Although, I bet after a while you get used to it. I used to do registering people to vote in front of grocery stores. At first I’d get really upset when a rude person started harassing me. By the end I didn’t even notice, I’d move on as soon as they were gone — it became routine and didn’t faze me anymore.


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