jury duty (or not)

On Monday, I had to report for grand jury duty at the Supreme Court. The court room we reported to was huge and packed with prospective jurors. It looked just like the court rooms we’ve seen on shows, only way bigger. The first hour was all about someone telling us who is not eligible to serve and then a bunch of people going up to get excused. I would like to thank David Levithan and John Green for getting me through that waiting time with their immensely entertaining Will Grayson, Will Grayson. Have you read it yet? You haven’t? Dude, you need to read it. Brilliant, hilarious, and comes with a twist that will leave your chin on the floor.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

During the next hour, all of our names were called. When your name was called you had to either shout “will serve” if you were able to serve jury duty or “application” if you wanted to postpone your service. I almost shouted “Will Grayson” instead of “will serve.” Then I got to enjoy a funny inside joke with myself.

For the last step, we had to get up off the benches and stand against the wall. Then someone pulled our names out of this container one at a time. Whether you got picked for jury duty was a total lottery. If your name was called, you had to sit back down on the bench. This meant you had to be there every weekday for the next four weeks. It was kind of like being picked for teams in gym except this time you maybe didn’t want to be picked. Part of me wanted to be picked. I’ve never been on a jury. New experiences are cool. But the other part of me was worried about my work schedule. This is going to be a really busy summer – I’m finishing revisions of book five, then writing book six – and I didn’t want to fall behind. As it turns out, I didn’t get picked. Plus I’m still excused from jury duty for the next six years. The Universe had my back on that one. It knew I had a line edit coming my way. And sure enough, my editor sent it to me that evening.

So I’m back on deadline. I don’t really have time for fun stuff. If I did, I would be running to Governors Island to play with this:

Skee-ball mini golf

Skee-Ball mini golf! That’s two of my most fave things in the world together! This particular Skee-Ball ramp was reclaimed from Coney Island. Here’s the rest of the temporary mini golf course.

One thing I did get out for was Kate Flannery’s comedy show. She is freaking hilarious. And the girl can sing! It was so fun to see her outside of being Meredith on The Office. I met Kate after the show and documented the occasion, but unfortunately the photo of us is blurry. It’s all good. This is just one of those times where you have to document it behind your eyes and carry it in your heart, as James Taylor would say. But just in case, my scrapbook is always waiting.

4 thoughts on “jury duty (or not)

  1. I didn’t get picked for jury duty either. I totally felt like you did between the “new experience” and “gotta get work done” reality.
    It’s so cool that you’ve met Kate Flannery! One of my friends has known her since the early ’90s. She sounds awesome.


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