keep me where the light is

Happy summer solstice! Wishing you a day filled with positive energy, from my neighborhood to yours.

Summer solstice 2010

Today will bring the longest duration of daylight. Light is a very good thing. Here in New York, we’ll have about 15 hours of daylight today. That’s a lot. We only get about 9 hours of daylight on the winter solstice. True, daylight hours will start decreasing after today. But let’s not focus on that part. Let’s focus on the part where more light means more energy, and more energy brings a renewed inspiration to create our ideal lives.

That said, life is a wild thing. It zigs just when you expect it to zag. Which is why I have Supreme Court grand jury duty today. I’ve only had jury duty one other time. I just sat on a hard bench, reading all day. They never even interviewed me (which still counts as serving jury duty, by the way). I’m not sure which way things will go this time. But whatever today brings for us, let’s remember to enjoy the light. Welcome, summertime!

2 thoughts on “keep me where the light is

  1. Amazon sent me an email today. It was along the lines of “We noticed you buy teen books: here are some you might be interested in.” Yours was one of only a few featured, with cover.


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