author fangirl

Whenever I’m getting ready to have new author photos taken, I dread it. Because I know none of them will turn out the way I want. At the same time, I’m optimistic, like maybe this time the photos won’t totally suck. Seriously, for every 100 photos of me there might be three good ones. Good not great. But when we took new pics on the High Line last week, I actually liked some of them. It was a miracle! I’m aware that I could just have professional photos taken and call it a day. Which is what I’ll do next year when my braces come off. For now, though, I’m relieved that I have a few decent ones to choose from. Like this one:

Susane Colasanti on the High Line Photo credit:  SP
Hair by Mimi at Supercuts (hope you’re enjoying your beach bumming summer, girl!)
Orthodontia by Invisalign
Bracelets by Forever 21 (only $5.99!)

Taking photos for my fifth book has an unreal quality to it. I mean, becoming an author was a fantasy for so long, not something I was planning on as my career. The authors who first inspired me to start writing were (and still are) my rock stars. S.E. Hinton, Judy Blume, Louise Fitzhugh…their books helped me survive some very hard times. Sandra Scoppettone wrote two amazing teen novels that I could not read enough times. The Late Great Me and Trying Hard to Hear You are phenomenal. If I could have gotten in touch with Sandra to tell her how much her books meant to me back then, I would have been ecstatic. So how amazing is it that I can email her now? And acknowledge her in my latest book, and get her address and send her a copy? Talk about unreal. It’s like I exist on both sides of the dynamic, but more of me is still on the fangirl side.

Being an author has some other perks. Like getting to be friends with other authors. How cool is that? It’s always fun to read a book by a friend when their book turns out to be awesome. This was the case with Gentlemen by Michael Northrop. Every time I see Michael, I have to work the word “gentlemen” into the conversation. Or declare him to be a gentleman for some reason, which still counts. I never find this joke to be anything less than hilarious. Michael graciously puts up with me. So you can understand how thrilled I am to report that I loved Gentlemen! It’s one of those riveting books you look forward to picking up again. And any book that makes me laugh out loud at two in the morning gets a gold star. So a big, shiny gold star for you, Michael! As any true gentleman deserves.