inside the inside joke

This will probably sound shocking to you, but I’ve never seen Seinfeld. Except that ep I saw in college by force. I lived in an apartment building (technically, an ancient mansion that was divided into apartments with like no heat, a leaky roof, and mice issues) junior and senior years. Four boys lived together on the first floor. I would bake them cookies sometimes. I had a studio on the fourth floor because I seemed to be destined to live in fourth-floor walk-ups. This was especially fun for the friends who helped me move. It’s also the reason why I’m done with fourth-floor walk-ups. True, I live on the fourth floor yet again, but this is an elevator building. Even though I usually take the stairs, just knowing the elevator is there makes a big difference.


The boys on the first floor were outraged that I didn’t have a TV. One day, they demanded that I watch Seinfeld at their place. So I did. I think they expected it to change my life or something. That didn’t happen. But I remember it being funny and I’ve been here in New York for 14 years, so it was time. I recently started Netflixing Seinfeld. There are so many good ones! I love the one where they’re making the pilot of Jerry and Jeremy Piven plays George. Jeremy P. and I go way back:

Jeremy Piven and Susane Colasanti

Now I get what everyone’s been talking about for the past 20 years. If I’m ever at a diner with my own maple syrup and someone comes over who’s all, “We don’t allow outside syrups or condiments,” I’ll know they’re not serious. And when Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is offering free toppings if you’re master of your domain, I’ll know what they’re talking about. It feels good to finally be in on the joke.

Something else that feels good:  book blogger love. If you’re interested in reading some new reviews, we have:

I also want to link to Meg Cabot’s most excellent advice for writers who want to get published. If you’re not writing about vampires, there’s still hope!