My work schedule has been crazy! First there were lots of marketing and publicity things in April, then my book tour, then two major deadlines. Today is my first day off in so long that I’m still trying to remember what I do when I’m not working. One thing I’m enjoying today is breathing. After a prolonged whirlwind of activity, it feels good to breathe freely again.

:: breathes ::

Whenever I’m crazy busy, I always enjoy working in awesome weather. True, there’s that whole wishing-you-were-outside-when-you-have-to-be-inside thing, but that just makes me appreciate outside time even more. These last few days of springtime are the best – summer breeze blowing through my windows, mourning doves keeping me company, some light left in the sky past 9:00. It’s all just so refreshing.

You know what else is refreshing? These new bladeless fans!

Dyson bladeless fan

Twenty years from now, all fans will be like this. The fans we have now with blades will be totally retro. Rather like the VCR. And like the VCR, I’m waiting for the price of this revolutionary fan to go down. I really want one, but $300 is outrageous. I’m assuming that more brands will get on board and tons of these bladeless fans (technically called “air multipliers”) will come out in the next few years. They have a vent that runs along the edge to move air. You can put your hand right through them. Plus, they’re very quiet and tilt any way you want. And they’re so powerful! Righteous.

This guy is so righteous that I almost caved and bought one the other day. I had a 20% off coupon for Bed & Bath. My justification was that $240 was a big improvement over $300. But then I was like, Uh, hello, you’d still be spending $240 on a freaking fan! Yeah, I’ll wait.

In the meantime, I’m breathing. And enjoying some time off. For those of you starting a whole bunch of time off, have a magnificent summer vacay!

9 thoughts on “breathing/air

  1. That’s a cool fan. I read When it Happens and now I want to read the rest of your books! Keep writing! Are you going to be writing another book after Something Like Fate?

    • I want one so bad I can’t even stand it. I rarely turn on the air conditioner, so this fan will be taunting me all summer. For that price, though, I have to stay strong. Must resist!


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