i believe you have my stapler

After being on a harsh deadline for the past two weeks, I’m thrilled to announce that I am done. Woot! Of course, there’s always the next deadline and I’ll be working on my revision for another week or so. But I’m happy that I wasn’t owned by this deadline. I did publicly challenge my deadline to a throwdown on Twitter. It even whipped out the Freddy claws more than once. I was all, “Do you really think you’re scarier than the Donnie Darko rabbit? Best step back, son!” So I’m relieved I met my deadline and showed it who’s boss. I even showed it my Michael Scott World’s Best Boss coffee mug keychain, just in case there was any lingering doubt.

Speaking of office type paraphernalia, after I finished working today I immediately rewarded myself by purchasing a red Swingline stapler. Just like the one in Office Space! Office Space is one of my Top Five fave movies. Whenever someone feels like they need to be all up in my face with some nasty attitude, I often pull out the Yeah…did you get the memo? line in my head. I own a box of flair, including the I Believe You Have My Stapler piece. So you can see that owning the red Swingline stapler was way overdue.

Red Swingline stapler from Office Space

Things occurred while I was in deadline throwdown mode. Something Like Fate was reviewed by The Book Obsession, Trisha’s Book Blog, S. Krishna’s Books, and Reclusive Bibliophile. Plus, The Ultimate YA Reading Group posted part two of their interview with me. And Girls Life magazine is featuring Something Like Fate as their book of the month.  I really, really appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to spread the word about my new book. Word of mouth is a powerful thing!

The last bit of news I have is for those of you in the New York City area. I’ll be at Teen Author Reading Night this Wednesday, June 2 at 6:00. It’s held at the NYPL on 6th Avenue & 10th Street. Fellow authors reading with me are Cathleen Davitt Bell, Lila Castle, Donna Freitas, Emily Horner, Morgan Matson, and Eliot Schrefer. If you can make it, I’d love to see you there!

7 thoughts on “i believe you have my stapler

  1. Kristi posted pictures of her few days at BEA, and dude, she got to meet you! So freakin’ jealous!
    Melissa Walker (whom I also love!), Simone Elkeles (Just picked up RULES OF ATTRACTION–hot!), Stephanie Kuenert (BALLADS OF SUBURBIA is definitely one of my favorite books), Heidi Kling, Holly Cupala, Elizabeth Scott (I own every one of her books… enough said.), and there were more, but I forget who, and now I’m rambling…
    Awesome stapler, by the way. I was so caught up in my own excitement I forgot to congratulate you! You met the deadline!
    Love, Hannah

  2. Congrats on the deadline! And the special Office Space stapler! I love getting merchandise from my favorite movies, TV shows, and books (if there are some). I bought myself a replica necklace of Melinda’s locket on Ghost Whisperer. It was worth the money.
    On another note, in MY office, there is so much paper going to waste! Thousands upon thousands of sheets are being thrown away each day, so I make sure to put mine in a recycle box. I even got one of my co-workers to do it as well! I probably wouldn’t have thought of that without you being so environmentally friendly all the time 🙂

    • I love that you’re recycling at work! It’s so sad that all offices don’t recycle. Recycling should be the law in every state for businesses and residences. Hopefully, it will be one day soon.


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