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How excited was I when my signed copy of The Carrie Diaries arrived? When I was in LA, promotion for Sex and the City 2 was everywhere. I was telling my author escort what a big fan of the show I am and how I was reading The Carrie Diaries. She was like, “Do you have it with you?” I did. It turns out that she was escorting Candace Bushnell the following week and if I left my book with her, she’d have Candace sign it for me. Sweet non-coincidence!

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

The Carrie Diaries is adorable. I love finding out more about my favorite characters, and Carrie Bradshaw is definitely one of them. We are kindred spirits in a lot of ways. In fact, before I started watching the DVDs a few of my friends were telling me how much I reminded them of Carrie. I’ve bonded with her, I feel her pain, and I loved this opportunity to get to know her even better. We find out that Carrie is from fictional Castlebury, Connecticut. We find out how she met Samantha. We also discover that she had a knowing about living in New York City one day, the same knowing I had. I totally get that pull she felt to this place. And she was always a writer. I completely connected with this part:

“Eventually, I went upstairs and took out the box of my old stories, and tried to soothe myself by imagining a better life, when I would live in New York and write books and have a completely different existence.”

I’m happy to report that The Carrie Diaries is part of the collective mind – it’s another story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. Only…well, no major spoilers here. Let’s just say it’s really good. It also makes me happy that Something Like Fate gets to shine with the literati:

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti with friends

Since I’m a major fan of the show, I’ve watched all the eps over several times. I have this thing where I can remember really specific lines of dialogue and random details. Which is how I know that there are three aspects of book Carrie that contradict show Carrie.

1. The book takes place during Carrie’s senior year of high school. She’s a virgin. But on Sex and the City, Carrie tells Charlotte that she lost her virginity junior year to this guy named Seth Bateman “in his smelly rec room.” And P.S.? It was on the pool table.

2. No one ever remembers this, but in Season Five when Carrie goes out to dinner with that Vogue editor who calls her “cookie,” she tells him that her dad left her and her mom when she was five. He never said why and she never heard from him again. In the book, her dad is there with Carrie and her two sisters; her mom died a while ago.

3. Book Carrie says she’s always been good at math. But show Carrie couldn’t even calculate how much she’d spent on shoes. When Miranda was pregnant, there’s a scene where they go shoe shopping and Carrie admits to owning about 100 pairs of shoes at around $400 a pair. She’s like, “So? That’s only $4,000.” And Miranda says, “No, that’s $40,000.” This was a minor point, but still.

Candace has said that she writes about her own characters in her books and what the show does is separate. But aren’t the two Carries the same character? I wonder if Candace pictured Sarah Jessica Parker circa Square Pegs when she was writing this book or some other girl. Despite those discrepancies, the book does a wonderful job of filling in some blanks and adds a dimension to Carrie Bradshaw that everyone who loves her will appreciate. Most of all, it lets us hold on to Carrie a little longer.

This of course gets me thinking about Sex and the City 2. I avoided the preview for as long as I could. Then we went to see Please Give (which is so outstanding I can’t even) and there it was. It looked like SATC. It sounded like SATC. But then…campy show tunes? So much taking place beyond New York? I don’t know, you guys. I mean, of course I’m going to see it. The part where Carrie runs into Aidan makes up for all the rest. I just hope they don’t ruin it. That’s my big fear about sequels (including writing my own sequels) – that bad writing could ruin it. I’ll be working all weekend, so if you see the movie def let me know what you think. Here’s hoping the preview is a lot worse than the movie!

6 thoughts on “the carrie diaries

  1. Ha! I’m definitely like you when it comes to knowing all the little contradicting details. Except, instead of SATC, it’s Scrubs and Ghost Whisperer. I’m an expert on those!
    Don’t you just love when you notice those things? It makes me feel like I’m part of some special group that knows more about those shows than normal, average people. But, that’s probably just me being weird, haha.

    • No, I’m the same way. People look at me all weird when I bust out way too specific knowledge of The Office, but I love it! And remember, you’re talking to the #1 ranking player in Facebook’s Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge. It doesn’t even matter that I was only #1 for a day. I will proudly hold that honor forever 🙂

      • Wow! I didn’t even know they had trivia challenges on Facebook! I need to get into one of those..
        And good job being #1! I would definitely hold that honor for forever, too 🙂

    • Just be warned that I’ll be borrowing your dresses when you’re Carrie. Her dresses are the ultimate and I wish I had every single one. You can keep the heels, though – I’m tall enough 😉

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that in the airport. It’s always worse in airports. On a brighter note, congrats on graduating and welcome back!
    I just saw the movie last night, so I’ll probably be blogging about it tomorrow. Will address the whole Aiden/Big dynamic then. There’s a lot I have to say!


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