mitali rules

The Teen Author Carnival was a total blast. It blows my mind that Mitali from Alley of Books, along with Devyn and Korianne, organized this whole entire thing yet again. Mitali is freaking amazing. She’s become a well-known entity in the YA world and is apparently one of those people who can do it all. You know, one of those people of whom I’m in awe. Otherwise known as inspiration. Thanks for all of your hard work, Mitali!

Lots of book bloggers were in the house. I finally got to meet James (Book Chic) and Erica (The Book Cellar). Erica and I were supposed to meet on my book tour, but she got the flu and couldn’t make it and I was bummed, so this was a fun surprise. Here’s representation from The Page Flipper, Shooting Stars Mag, and that’s Erica on the right:

Teen Author Carnival 2010

I absolutely love getting to meet all of these people I know from the virtual world. Meeting people for real is another thing that rules. One of these people is Simone Elkeles. I recently read Perfect Chemistry and loved it. I couldn’t wait to meet Simone. I even switched my name plate with the one two plates down from it so I could stand next to her during the signings (Mitali was cool with that). She had big posters of the boys from the Rules of Attraction book trailer. They were hot and everyone wanted one. Here’s me and my new BFF Simone:

Susane Colasanti and Simone Elkeles

Silly Bandz were also representing. I liked how Isabelle did a rainbow spectrum by mixing different kinds of Bandz:

Silly Bandz

I think I’ll mix my zoo animals and space ones to see if I can get a ROYGBIV thing going on. But not today. Today my major deadline looms. My deadline is not allowing me to play with others, so unfortunately I’m missing BEA this year. Drag. If you’re going, please have some extra fun for me!

15 thoughts on “mitali rules

  1. Gift for you!
    YOU rock, S!
    And I have a present for you. May have something to do with a video from Jon Scieszka asking you to come see him at BEA> 😉

    • Oh, I won’t be laughing. I never laugh at people in traumatic situations. Who can’t have any fun over Memorial Day weekend because they have to work the whole time. So they’re inside when everyone else is outside having fun.

      • When you put it that way, I realize that I have just completely shoved my foot in my mouth and possibly down my throat.
        I apologize. I promise I wasn’t actually laughing. I’m sure you will see the sun at least once over the weekend.

  2. It was so awesome meeting you and chatting, and I am bummed that I completely forgot to get a picture with you!! Hopefully next year? But I did take your advice and now have both Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction! I was able to get them at BEA! 🙂


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