The competition was fierce, but I somehow managed to select three winners of my third annual Floor Display Contest.

First prize goes to Courtney R., who assembled her brother and his girlfriend to recreate the cover of Something Like Fate.  I’m very impressed with their attention to detail, right down to Jason’s shaggy hair.  Superb job!

Third Annual Ginormous Contest winner

Second prize goes to Allison F. for recreating the cover of When It Happens.  I don’t know how she matched her outfit so exactly (actually, her boots are way better).  And Tobey even has a yellow shirt and guitar!  Nice one.

Third Annual Ginormous Contest second place

Renee C. won third prize by making me laugh really hard with her entry.

Third Annual Ginormous Contest third place

Congrats to all of my winners!

6 thoughts on “winners!

  1. Wow! Those are really awesome. I think I love the When It Happens one the most. I just love how the guy is actually holding a guitar and the dark pole kind of looks like a tree! These are all really cool. Sorry I still haven’t been to Barnes and Noble! Still trying to find time 🙂

      I have recently read your book “something like fate”. I do not beleive in fate but the story was wonderful. I have been in Lani’s situation before, not the love scene but with the best friend part i could relate. I hope you will make more books like this! I enjoy them lots!


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