writing on the wall

While I was at Whole Foods yesterday, I did a very grownup thing. Tazo makes this drink called Refresh Herbal Infusion. It is so minty and delicious I could drink one every day. When it gets warmer, I’m all about being refreshed. Fruit plays a big part in this because I enjoy making gorgeous fruit salads with lots of different colors in them. See, fruit and I have a very special relationship. I crave it all winter. Not the tired apples/oranges/bananas lineup you can get anytime. I’m talking berries and melons and cherries and plums and such. Every year when it gets warmer, it’s like a big gong is slammed and I’m suddenly running around on a crazed mission to take in as much seasonal fruit as possible. This might seem like an easy goal to accomplish. But here in New York, grocery shopping is tricky. I walk everywhere. So when I walk 20 minutes to Whole Foods, I need to be able to carry whatever I buy on my 20-minute walk back. I can’t just get a whole watermelon. Well, I guess I could lug in on the subway. Hm.

Right, so back to the Tazo Refresh Herbal Infusion. I generally only get two small bottles so my bag doesn’t end up being too heavy. But then I was like, dude. I could order a whole case of these to be delivered to my place! There are people who use delivery services all the time, for everything from laundry to warm cookies. I am not one of these people. Except for yesterday, when I sort of was. I ordered two cases and felt like such a grownup. My Gram taught me the importance of being frugal. Without saving, there’s no way I could have payed off my student loans or would even be living here right now. It seems like once I hit 35, I started allowing myself little luxuries here and there. I’m counting this as one of them.

In other food-related news, did you hear about the guy who got lockjaw while biting into a massive sandwich? While I was doing research for the revision I’m working on, I came across this.  The thing is, that looks like a really good sandwich.  I can see why he was so excited!

A reader sent me this photo a while ago that’s really overdue for posting. You know how some high school English wings have quotes painted on them? Well, this quote from When It Happens is painted on the wall at her school:

When It Happens by Susane Colasanti quote

Want to hear something wild? I don’t remember writing that at all. Lots of times when I see quotes from my books on Twitter or Facebook, it’s like I’m seeing them for the first time. Now I know what all those blank stares were about when my pre-author self would go to readings and ask authors about specific lines from their books.

Time to get back to work. And by “work” I mean trying to play Pac-Man at Google’s home page without a joystick. Oh wait, one last thing – a reminder for those of you who haven’t entered my ginormous contest yet. You only have until Sunday night to get your entry in. Good luck!


6 thoughts on “writing on the wall

  1. -I need to try that Tazo drink. I have seen them before, but have never had one!
    -The guy with lock jaw – that sucks. I wonder if he tried eating that sandwich again? Hmm…
    -That is one of my favorite quotes from your books! I have it written on my bulletin board with other quotes I love.

    • Wow, I’m honored to be on your wall, too! All of the Tazo iced teas are delicious. I enjoy them both iced and hot. My fave is green tea. I was looking for it one day when I noticed the new infusions, which are infused water. If you try the mint one, you will be so refreshed you won’t even know what to do with yourself.

  2. Ohmygosh, my brother forwarded the same video! I almost died laughing! The sandwich looks delicious, though. Worth it? Heck yeah!
    And thats wild! There’s this restroom at my high school that has a bunch of quotes written on the stall door. Usually that’d be scrubbed off the door, but I think because all these quotes are coming from books, (books = “smart”) they keep it. And that quote’s written on that stall!
    I remember feeling so excited for recognizing it!
    Love, Hannah

      • I know!
        I mean it beats a 15×15 billboard (or however big a typical billboard sign is) by a light-year just because it’s a bathroom door.
        You get what I’m saying, right? 🙂
        I’ll try to get a picture… I mean the actual picture taking is cake, but I have no clue how to connect that into my computer… Yeah, I’ll try to figure it out. 🙂
        Love, Hannah

  3. Oh my gosh, your quote is on the wall of a high school! That’s so cool and original. What a compliment. I’d never heard of any high schools doing that before. (Wow, do I have a lot of LJ entries to go through now that I’m back. LOL.)


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