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One good thing about being my own boss is that I don’t have to get up at the crack of darkness anymore. Except during book tours. Somehow, I will get up at 5:00 tomorrow and fly to Chicago and do school visits and a dinner at Wonderland Books. It all sounds fabulous except for the getting up at 5:00 part. Wait, why am I still awake? Dude. I’d better make this a quick post.

I’ll be tweeting updates from the last part of my book tour, but probably won’t be blogging until I get back. Here’s some stuff to look at while I’m gone:

Some new reviews of Something Like Fate are up at Forever Young, Not Enough Bookshelves, and The Book Cellar.

The Ultimate YA Reading Group has selected me as their author of the month! I’m totally honored. You can check out their Tumblr here. Which reminds me – should I be on Tumblr? Okay, no time! Must wake up at 5:00! We’ll discuss this later.

Chicago is mostly all about school visits, but I’m doing an event that’s open to the public at Anderson’s Bookshop:

Wednesday, May 12 – 7:00
Reading, discussion and signing
Anderson’s Bookshop
5112 Main Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515-4601
Phone: 630.963.2665

After that, my tour will be over. I’m sorry if I didn’t make it to your town this time. There are lots of other places I wanted to visit! If you’d like me to come to your town next time, please let your local bookstore know. If they request me, my publicist might add that location to my next tour!


6 thoughts on “chicago event

  1. I’m really glad your book tour is going great! Those events all sound really fun. I wish we could have had a giant pizza party at BOW! Having a pizza party with you and Elizabeth Scott would have been the best day ever, haha.
    I hate getting up early too! I can hardly get myself up at 6:30/7:00 let alone 5:00. Props to you!


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