book excerpts

It’s day nine of my blog tour! Today I’m over at Pop Culture Junkie discussing palm reading, positive energy, and inspiration. Yesterday I revealed what My So-Called Life taught me about tarot cards over at Book-Lover Carol, and tomorrow I’ll be ending the festivities with The Compulsive Reader. I’m loving all of your non-coincidence comments at Presenting Lenore. Your stories really show that there’s more to our connections than we realize. Thanks to all of my hosts for an outstanding blog tour!

At the moment, I’m deciding what to do on May Day, which is May 1, which is Saturday, which I can’t believe is already here, which is my birthday. Saturday birthdays are always the best. I feel like I should be taking advantage of that. But I mostly feel lame because I can’t think of anything spectacular to do. There are definitely things I want to do, like walk along the river with a friend and let SP take me out for a fun dinner and of course enjoy a delicious piece of cake. I guess it will be a low-key kind of day, which is usually the kind I like best.

The friendly neighbors at Penguin have put together a sampler of my books on Scribd. You can read the first few chapters of Something Like Fate and my other books here. I’ve included an additional chapter on my website.

See you back here tomorrow for my biggest contest ever!

7 thoughts on “book excerpts

  1. Happy early birthday from a fellow May Taurus! In addition to May 1st being May Day and your birthday, it’s also Free Comic Book Day. It’s not something spectacular you could do on your birthday, but it’s possibly something fun. And I find that lots of little fun things make up one spectacular day.

  2. Happy early birthday! What a great day to be born. It totally fits you.
    And after reading the latest blog tour posts… dude, I knew you had a five-book deal, which was awesome enough, but what’s this about BOOK 6?! (I mean, duh, since you’re working as a full time author now, there better be a Book 6, but this was the first I’d heard of it!) Do you have another deal or is it just individually based now? That is fantastic. I love how when I first discovered you, you’d just had your first book come out, and now, so much more has happened. It’s been a fun journey to watch. (And weirdly, if it hadn’t been for your review of The Little Prince, I might never have met you! Non-coincidence. Stat.) 🙂

    • Yes, that was such an amazing non-coincidence!!! Love that one. Let’s clarify: I don’t have a five-book deal (that would be enormous!). My first book was one contract, the second was one contract, then the third and fourth were a two-book deal. Last year I signed another two-book deal for five and six. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned all this here before, which is probably why it’s been confusing. So yeah, five should be out in May 2011 and six will hopefully be out in May 2012. Thanking the Universe!


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