kiefer’s other gf, plus tweet Q&A

This email totally made me smile:

Hi Susane,

Maybe you can help me out here. I was in the West Village today w/ my son having lunch. We saw Kiefer Sutherland walk by and my son swears you were walking with him. He’s read your books and he insists it was you, now we’re both curious if it was you? Sure looked like you!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that Kiefer and I are neighbors. You also know that we’ve met and you know what a huge deal that was for me. However, Kiefer was not walking with me. That was his girlfriend. Kiefer and I have a mutual friend who keeps saying how much I look like his girlfriend. When I Googled her, I discovered the main difference between us: she is gorgeous. But! I did find this pic of her that managed to fool lots of my friends. Even I was like, Wait, when did we have lunch?

Kiefer Sutherland and Susane Colasanti...or is she?

Okay, I’m really not supposed to be blabbing about my relationship with Kiefer. I am supposed to be reminding you that it’s day seven of my blog tour. You have a chance to win a copy of Something Like Fate over at A Good Addiction. Plus, I speculate about who my main characters would hook up with if they weren’t together.

TeenReads wanted me to answer some questions today. I’m going to try something different with them. I’ve noticed a few author Q&A sessions on Twitter and I’m thinking about doing something like that, too. Which reminds me – I just redid my Twitter. Does it look okay to you? It’s so hard to tell if a new background will work on everyone’s monitor. Anyway, in preparation for my Twitter Q&A thing I’ve decided to do a practice run with the questions from TeenReads.

TeenReads Tweet Q&A

What’s your inspiration? – Brittany P.

Life in its entirety. Especially the parts that make an impact.

Has your inspiration for novels ever come from a dream? – Runa

Definitely! The main plots of Take Me There and Something Like Fate both came to me in very intense dreams.

How do you keep your teen perspective? – Dee

My internal age is 16. I have a feeling it will always be like this.

Are there instances where you’ve written about your own experiences in your books? – Vienna
Do you base anything you write on your real life? – Adeola M.

Totally. Hopefully, adapting actual experiences helps to make my books feel real. Realistic books are the kind I love to read.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what makes you push over that hurdle? – Anne

I’ve never met that monster. If you’re writing about things that make you feel alive, the words will flow. Passion inspires creativity.

With four books under your belt now, what do you think is the hardest part about the writing/publishing process? – Marisa

Expectations, both my own and others’. My expectations are enormous. Disappointing readers is something I hope to never do.

What will your next book be about? – Krissy

I’m revising my fifth book now, but it’s too early to discuss. I can say that’s it’s about following a dream that seems larger than life.

17 thoughts on “kiefer’s other gf, plus tweet Q&A

  1. I’m so excited because I just picked up the paperback version of WAITING FOR YOU!
    I know what you mean now about the watercolor spine. I couldn’t tell from the pictures, but it’s beautiful!
    Anyway, I LOVE the show 24! And the fact that you’re neighbors is just insanely cool!
    Love, Hannah

    • Oh yay, you love the spine! They’re all pretty, but Waiting for You has the best colors 🙂
      Dude, I’m a major 24 fan. A friend of mine who also loves the show runs around with me, acting out scenes. We’re serious.

      • Haha you weren’t kidding about being a serious fan… That is totally awesome, though!
        I actually role play in my head because I’d be blushing like mad if anyone saw. Wanna know something kind of lame?
        In nearly every single scene, I’m Michelle Dessler come to life. Yeah, like Jesus or something.
        And thats not even the lame part. It’s lame because the only reason why I love playing her so much is because she gets Tony.
        Ooh, talk about sexy. 😉
        Love, Hannah
        P.s. Tony is, like, thirty years older than me. I’m crushing on an old dude. Great, my mom will just love that… And the best part? He’s not real. 🙂

        • Ha! Too funny. I totally understand, though. Michelle should not have died! I mean, it look forever for her and Tony to get together and then, what, they just kill her? So. Unfair. Plus they killed President Palmer, who was made of magnificence.

  2. Hi Susane,
    Marisa from here. I just wanted to say THANK YOU once again for answering these questions from our readers, and of course, for stopping by our blog! I really enjoyed SOMETHING LIKE FATE — best of luck with its release next week!
    – Marisa

  3. I remember you posting that same picture quite a while ago and my mouth dropping open.
    It’s actually resting in my lap right now.
    The Day Your Fantastic Book Comes Out is so soon! :]

  4. OMG I saw the picture before I started reading and my mouth literally dropped open!!! I was going to write….”OMG your so lucky!” but then I read that is wasnt you 😦 lol
    Its soo cool that your neighbors though!

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