next week…

Something Like Fate comes out on May 4! It’s hard to believe that’s next Tuesday. Later this week, I’ll be posting my biggest contest to win copies of Fate. It involves the floor displays that will be going up in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide starting May 4, so check back here for all the info. These floor displays are the prettiest ever! I think their header (the piece that goes at the top of the display tower) is gorgeous:

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti floor display header

I’ve had an early copy of the book for a while. It’s always exciting to get that first copy and then all of my author copies, but nothing compares to that first bookstore sighting. When my books are out in the world where other people can see them, that’s when they feel real to me. It’s all about my Real Book Love. This is the kind of love one has for books made of paper, where you can turn the pages and smell the ink and adore all of the unique details. Like how underneath the dust jacket of Something Like Fate, it has a pink hardcover and purple foil letters on the spine. Purple foil!

Other big things are happening next week. A week from today, I’ll be leaving on my book tour! The Best Friends & Boyfriends Tour is coming to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, CT, and NJ. You can find the complete tour schedule here.

But this week deserves love, too. Particularly for those of us working on living in the Now. Today is day six of my blog tour. Find out how creative visualization has changed my life over at TeenReads. Oh, and what about last week? If you participated in National TV Turnoff Week, I hope you accomplished your goals. Even if you watched less TV instead of none, that means you had more time for other activities. Which means success!

Did you know that the cover photo for Something Like Fate was taken during a photo shoot? The images on my previous book covers were all adapted from stock photos. This time, the process was more exciting. My publisher wanted to show the lovers’ triangle conflict in a way that would reflect the tone of the book, so models were acquired and a photo shoot was had. I was originally going to write about it here, but Melissa Walker does such an amazing job with her Cover Story feature that I shared my behind-the-scenes info on her blog. And P.S.? I’ve seen pics of the boy model from the front. Yeah, he’s just as cute as you think he is.

4 thoughts on “next week…

  1. There was a copy of your book at the IRA convention on display today. I tried to ask sweetly if I could buy it, but they said NO. I guess I’ll just have to wait til next week! 🙂 But then I’ll see you the week after, so I can be patient!


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