author video

My author video for Something Like Fate is ready! This is the marketing video that goes on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages, plus a bunch of other sites. We wanted to film it outside, but it turned out to be super chilly and windy that day. Which actually worked out because we got to film in the Magnificent Office of Regina Hayes! In the video, I discuss a bit about the book’s plot and what fate has to do with it.

Lauren Saffa is the filmmaker who created this video. She’s incredibly sweet, so I was psyched to work with her again – she also did my Waiting for You videos last year. You rock, Lauren!

In other news, it’s day three of my blog tour. You can find out why I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in complete silence over at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf.Β  That would be a different Lauren by the way, although she also rocks.

Ciao for now.

9 thoughts on “author video

  1. Great job! And you look so young! No one would ever believe you’re the age you are. It’s crazy. You’re kind of a walking advertisement for green living! LOL.

      • Oh, and speaking of appearance, one of the speakers at the conference I just went to looked and sounded an incredible amount like you! I’d just seen your video, so I heard the vocal resemblance straight off. She was older and had shorter hair than you, but it was your color, and her eyes and smile were very similar. You don’t have any relatives in WI, do you? πŸ™‚

    • Dude, I CANNOT believe you said that. I am totally paranoid of my voice. I think it sounds like the weirdest voice ever. Seriously, I can’t even have it on my answering machine. When I had to watch this video, I turned the volume way down. Which all sucks because it sounds fine in my head 😐
      You’ve made me feel a little better. Thanks for being a friendly neighbor!

      • I can’t have my voice on my answering machine either.
        Being a 14 year old boy with an incredibly deep voice has put me in quite a few awkward situations.
        For example, people who call me and hang up when I answer. They call back a few seconds later and say, “Robby? Oh my gosh your voice has gotten deep.”
        A year ago, I sounded like a schoolgirl and was almost daily mistaken for a girl.
        That doesn’t happen so often now.


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