wrong & right

It’s Day 2 of my blog tour! Find out how dreams made me miss the school bus over at The Story Siren.

Today is also the second day of National TV Turnoff Week. For those of you participating, you may be feeling a bit anxious right about now. I know how it feels to look forward to a fave show at the end of a stressful day. Actually, I’m still getting over some show-related sadness from last week. I finished watching Prison Break. As I’ve mentioned before, the first season is a masterpiece. What an amazing ride! Even though the following three seasons weren’t as excellent, they were still awesome. I mean, it’s hard to compete with perfection, so what do you expect? I was not at all prepared to discover that Michael Scofield died. I have this thing where I get really attached to my favorite characters, whether they’re in books or movies or shows. Michael was one of the most impressive characters I’ve ever known. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I totally cried at the end of that last ep. The writers are fabulous, but I might have to contact one of them to complain. His death was wrong!

Something else that’s wrong? My corner deli’s new awning. They spent all this money to have a brand-new awning made. They spent two days putting it up. I’m sure I’d be horrified to discover how must it cost. And what does the awning say? Gourmet deli, grocery, vegetable, beer, ATM. It’s such a shame. Like, what, you only have one vegetable? Come on! I get really worked up about typos. When I was younger, I’d get so annoyed that I’d point them out to the people working at the store, even if they had no control over their signs. I’m pretty sure I’ll be bringing up this atrocity to the deli owner one of these days.

To end on a positive note, here’s a review of Something Like Fate by The Compulsive Reader and another one at BookCrossing. Two of the major reviewers have weighed in as well. Booklist says:

“Colasanti provides credible and engaging character development for each cast member and interactions that spark just the right amount of tension to make this a romantic page-turner.”

And Kirkus says this about my main character, Lani:

“Lani recounts both the thrill of romance and the terror of losing what little social status she has in an intelligent, fast-paced present-tense narration.”


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