turning it off & starting it up

Congratulations to Jessica and Evie! They’re the winners (randomly selected) of my Waiting for You Contest. Cheers, ladies!

If you entered the contest, this next thing pertains to you. Today is the first day of National TV Turnoff Week. Participating in this annual event is simple. All you have to do is not watch TV (including TV on the computer) from April 19 to April 25. You’ll be surprised at how much free time you’ll suddenly have! With all that free time, participants pledge to do at least three things that will improve their lives. Everyone who entered my contest left a comment telling me three things they’ll do this week instead of watching TV. If you commented, then it’s time to start! No worries if you didn’t – you can decide on your three things now and begin. Please let me know how it goes.

When I was teaching, I’d offer National TV Turnoff Week as extra credit. I passed out pledge forms to my students and we hung them up all around the room. Here’s my pledge form from 2006, while I was writing Take Me There (the Mrs. Maguire thing is because Tobey was at the top of my husband list at the time):

National TV-Turnoff Week pledge by Susane Colasanti

It’s also the first day of my Something Like Fate blog tour! For the next two weeks, I’ll be visiting ten blogs to discuss fate-related concepts from the book. To kick off the festivities, Lenore asked me about my craziest “coincidental” connection. Find out what it was (it was hard picking just one!) and why I consider coincidences to actually be non-coincidences at Presenting Lenore. Plus, if you tell her your craziest non-coincidence you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of Something Like Fate. Sweet!


6 thoughts on “turning it off & starting it up

  1. I’m definitely going to start my list today! I think it’s so cool that you let your students call you names like Mrs. Maguire. I think I would have liked science way more in high school if you were my teacher!
    I really liked your first blog tour post! I just checked out some info about Aries and it’s creepy how accurate they are! This is today’s horoscope for me:
    “Your reactions are perfectly natural — don’t try to hold back! You may end up making someone a little uncomfortable, but that is a small price to pay for honesty. Things return to normal and then some soon.”
    That’s so weird because I just had a fight with my roommate a couple nights ago about something I usually wouldn’t call her out on and things haven’t been normal up until today! It so weird that it knows! Haha

    • I’m telling you, there are some astrologers that totally know what they’re talking about! I recommend Astrology and Beyond – my weekly forecast has never been off. There’s something going on here!

  2. Wow. This is going to be way harder than I expected. I didn’t watch any TV yesterday (from peer chance). Today I had a bad day and all I want to do is go de-stress and watch everything in my DVR queue. Of course, I have an essay to write so I doubt that I’ll see any. But still, it’s going to be HARD.
    I said that I’d try not to watch any, and I will try to stick to it.

    • You can do this thing! I know how hard it is to resist when all you want to do is relax at the end of your day with a fave show, but you’ll see how much your life can change. All your instant new free time – you can accomplish so much! Trust me, it’s worth it.

  3. I love that you talked about color associations! It’s a quirky thing but apparently a lot more of us do it than we thought. For me it’s strongest with the months of the year. I used to make calendars as a kid and was very specific about what color each month had to be. One of the things I love best is understanding everyone’s personal symbolism. Certain words or colors or objects are triggers for each person. My first love was very scientific and hated the word “magic” but liked the word “wonder.” While those two words might be close together for me, they were very far apart for him. (I like Fiji best out of all the bottled waters too, and my friends think I’m crazy that I can tell the difference between brands of water!)
    Your computer coincidence totally reminds me of that Friends episode where Rachel is interviewing for a new job and her current boss is sitting behind her in the restaurant! I bet the owner of the computer company thought it would be worthwhile to fix your computer quickly, rather than have you rant about it in public for the next week! Bad advertisement! Hahaha! It was very nice of him, though. 🙂

    • Yeah, I definitely understood where the owner was coming from. I just couldn’t believe he was right there, in that same restaurant, sitting near me, the one time I’ve ever complained about a computer repair situation. Then again, of course he was 😉


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