One thing I love about living in New York is that there are so many amazing things right here. Like Teen Author Reading NIght. David Levithan organizes a few YA authors to read almost every month at the Jefferson Market NYPL, which is like a five-minute walk from my place. Last night was amazing! My friends Elizabeth Scott and Rachel Vail read from their latest books. I would have documented the event for you, but the lighting in there is always kind of weird and every time I try to take pictures of authors reading they come out all bootleg. Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus read from Dedication, which sounds so freaking good! And how cute is it that these girls write books together? I also want to recommend Gimmie a Call by Sarah Mlynowski. Sarah is one of the best readers I’ve ever encountered – majorly entertaining. Gimmie a Call is about a 17-year-old girl who can call her 14-year-old self, warning her to avoid a certain boy who wasted years of her life. I love the concept of being able to tell our younger selves things we wish we would have known back then. My list of things is really, really long.

Have you entered my Waiting for You Contest yet? If not, you have until Sunday night. When my author copies of a new book arrive, the best part is getting to donate and give some away in contests. Soon I’ll only have a few left. But for now, I love seeing all of these copies piled on top of my bookshelf. The new spine art on my paperbacks is just so gorgeous. And it really pops in bookstores. I was in B&N the other day in a whole other section when something caught my eye over in teen. It was an incorrectly shelved copy of When It Happens. The new spine art is so powerful that it totally captured my attention all the way across the room! That’s hot.

Also hot: I just finished a phone interview with Romantic Times Books Reviews. It’s funny how I didn’t even realize I was writing teen romance until I started seeing my books labeled that way. Soul mates are always at the core of my books so I guess it should have been obvious, but with all the other issues I include I just thought I was writing about life. Anyway, I’m happy to be a part of the romance world! In other interview news, Cover to Cover interviewed me about selecting music and incorporating real-life experiences in my writing. Thanks for the fun interview, Jessica!

Yesterday I stopped in at Crumbs to ogle their new springtime cupcakes:

Springtime cupcakes at Crumbs

Any cupcake with flowers is a friend of mine. I hope your day includes some sweetness, too!


10 thoughts on “stand-outs

  1. books!
    Hey Susane,
    Sarah Mlynowski is awesome. I have read her whole Bras and Broomsticks series, and I am really glad that you told me about this other book! I’d never heard of it. I love those 2 authors who write books together (Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin), but in my opinion, Dedication was not as good of a book as I thought it was going to be. It’s hard to describe why I didn’t like it–too much sexual detail and weird plot, I guess–but I absolutely love Nanny Diaries and its sequel. SO funny. 😀
    Noelle! 🙂

  2. Also, I just read an ARC of Gimme A Call a few weeks ago. I really loved it. It made me think about my life and it was just great writing.
    I also read How To Be Bad, which she wrote with E. Lockhart and Lauren Myracle. That was *hot* as well. :]

  3. Gimmie A Call sounds really awesome, I cant wait to read it!!! 🙂
    I have only been to Crumbs like two times and both times I LOVED the cupcakes!!!!
    But my favorite place to gt cupcakes is at Magnolia Bakery!!!! My brother always say that you gain 10 pounds just by looking at there cupcakes lol. 🙂


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