summer breeze

If it’s as gorgeous where you are as it’s been here in New York, you are probably having as much fun as I am. Regular readers of this blog know how much I love spring. Not only is it finally here, it came with the added bonus of really warm weather. We broke a record yesterday for the high temperature – it hit 91 degrees! The previous record was 89 in 1929. By the way, the normal high temp for right now is 58. So yeah, it’s been sweet. Flip-flops and everything! I’ve officially started singing “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Crofts. Continuing the celebration, I’m leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in South Beach. But before I go, there are some things I want to share with you.

First of all, I’m so impressed with your entries to my Waiting for You Contest. You guys rule. So far, I think just about everyone who entered said they’re going to read more during National TV Turnoff Week. This makes me really happy. It also makes me think about my own reading time. It must be the Internet that’s sucking away most of the time I used to spend reading, but these days I’m just not reading as much as I used to. Ever since I was young, I’ve read before going to sleep. Even if I’m so exhausted that I can only keep my eyes open for a few pages, it’s just part of my lifestyle. Lately I’m so tired that I might only read 20 pages a night. Ridiculous but true. But! Reading time will be mine this weekend. My plan is to relax by the pool every day with these three YA books I’m bringing. And drink fruity drinks with colorful pieces of fruit in them, of course.

My contest isn’t the only one. You can win a copy of Something Like Fate from plugintoreading on Twitter! Just follow me on Twitter and then RT the following:

Win Susane Colasanti’s SOMETHING LIKE FATE! Follow @susanecolasanti & retweet. Email jillian.laks Winner selected April 18!

What else. Oh, the Something Like Fate blog tour is coming up. One of my stops is over at TeenReads and they want your questions! You can submit any questions you have for me here. I’ll be answering some in my guest post and more on my blog. Speaking of tours, I’m going on my first book tour starting on May 4 when Something Like Fate is released. Which you probably already know because I’ve pretty much been renting a billboard about it. But in case you haven’t heard, all of the details are here.

Creative Blossoms interviewed me about writing challenges, my favorite moment from high school, and which boy character I identify with the most. Thanks for the fun questions, Karla!

Okay, that’s the news. I’ll be totally unplugged in South Beach. Just sunshine, pool, bikini, books, and fruity drinks. Ciao for now!


8 thoughts on “summer breeze

    • See, that makes way more sense than 91 degrees when it’s normally 58! But I’m glad things will be warming up for you. Then you can write a “Spring Breeze” song and sing it 😀

  1. I know how you feel about the internet taking away your time. I got my own laptop for Christmas and since I have read half of what I used to. I used to be able to rad about three books a week and now I am lucky if I finish half of the book in a week! I am really kicking myself in the butt for that. Maybe when I shut off my TV I will also put my laptop away.
    You posted that yesterday when it was BEAUTIFUL! but today not so much in the city, it rained and it was pretty cold 😦 hopefully the warm weather will come back!
    Have fun at South Beach!
    PS, I bought my first pair of flip flops for the summer yesterday!!!! YAY!

    • Ah, the first flip-flops of the season. That is a sweet thing 🙂
      When it was rainy and cold here, it was hot and sunny in South Beach. But then yesterday in South Beach it was cooler and rainy while I believe it was sunny and warm here. But I had two sunny days lounging by the pool, so it’s all good!

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