Waiting for You comes out in paperback!

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

Check back here tomorrow for my paperback release contest, where you can win a copy of the book (and my other books, too).

Until then, here’s an interview with me at TRT Book Club and another at Reading or Breathing. I think the contest to win books over at TRT has closed, but I wanted to link to the interview again because Jen always does such a good job of asking fun, original questions.

There are also some new reviews of Something Like Fate out. Here’s a short review at Random Buzz and a longer one at Once Upon a Book Blog. Robby did an excellent job of describing much of the book’s plot, so please be aware that his review contains spoilers. Thanks for the comprehensive review, Robby!

See you tomorrow for contest time…


7 thoughts on “tomorrow…

  1. How cool!
    A link to my review!
    I actually typed that one up during my science period… They block youtube, facebook, e-mail, blogs, EVERYTHING! You would think that with all those restrictions, Random Buzz would also be blocked. Good thing they haven’t since otherwise science would be insanely boring. πŸ™‚
    Have a lovely day!
    Love, Hannah


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