spring things

It’s officially Spring! Oh, how I missed you, season of warmth and new life. There’s just something so refreshing about officially putting my boots away and walking around in a tee and sneakers. Okay, so maybe I’m not walking around in a tee today – we were spoiled by some really warm weather last week – but I will be again soon enough. Emerging from beneath the layers is the best kind of spiritual renewal.

This year, I decided to celebrate the vernal equinox upscale style. First there was a sunset walk on the High Line. It was reassuring to see some early buds on the trees. There were even a few flowers blooming. Then we had a fancy dinner at Charles (which, by the way, is not on Charles Street). Fancy restaurants have been doing this thing lately where they’ll take some kind of basic comfort food and give it a gourmet twist. It’s fun. So I was excited about the truffle grilled cheese. But wow, I did not expect such excellence. This truffle grilled cheese was, like, one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, if you’re in the New York area you need to get yourself to Charles immediately. Or Crumbs, for this pretty spring Cupcake of the Week:

Cosmo cupcake at Crumbs

Improvements in weather also inspire me to go shopping for pretty spring things. I’ve found a few new shirts for my upcoming book tour at Forever 21 and such. There are so many gorgeous floral prints right now! Sometimes they psych you out, though. Like I’ll see the most amazing jacket and turn it around and there’ll be this big honking bow on the back. Why?

I’ll leave you with these links to an interview with me at The Unprofessional Critic and this review of Something Like Fate at The Truth About Books. I was so impressed that Tricia got an ARC at the Books of Wonder signing, read the whole book, then whipped up this review all in the space of two days. That’s dedication, yo.


12 thoughts on “spring things

  1. Haha yeah, I loved the weather the day of the signing and the two days before that! But yesterday and the day before it rained and now its windy and cold! I want the warmth back!!
    The weather being warm means two things…my birthay (9 days) and summer! ahhhhhhh.

  2. Well books and authors come first in my world 🙂
    I wanted to spread word about Something Like Fate ASAP.
    I wish I could have found these awesome cupcake and restaurant places while I was in NY! They look and sound so yummy. I got a cupcake at BOW but it wasn’t that good. It just looked pretty.
    I’m glad you found some cool stuff at Forever 21 too. That’s my favorite store!
    Horray Spring!


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