signing of wonder, 2nd ed.

What an amazing week! The second annual NYC Teen Author Festival was a blast. I love events like this because I get to visit with my readers in person. You are why I write. You are who I want to see.

My first event was reading at the Seward Park NYPL with Gayle Forman, Daphne Grab, Matt De La Pena, and Cathleen Bell. But I was lame and did not take any photos. We found out some cool things, like that Gayle was motivated to write If I Stay by an accident that happened to a family in real life and that Matt scored a TV spinoff of his movie. Sparkly confetti for Matt! Next up was a symposium where my spectacular publisher and editor, Regina Hayes, was honored. If anyone deserves infinite honors, it is Regina. I’ve been working with her since my first book and am a very lucky girl. Regina is also Sarah Dessen’s editor, so Sarah was there to say lovely things that perfectly captured the magnificence that is Regina.

The festivities ended with a massive signing at Books of Wonder. It is seriously impressive whenever tons of YA authors gather in any one place, but it’s particularly impressive when David Levithan arranges things so that everyone has a chance to talk with everyone else. More sparkly confetti for you, David! It was really fun for me to meet and reunite with some of the book bloggers that help spread the word about my books. Tricia of The Truth About Books traveled a very long way for the event. That’s dedication:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing

Other dedicated friendly neighbors in the house were Renee of The Book Girl Reviews and Mitali of Alley of Books (please send me your pics, girls!). They are mad professional about documenting everything. And you would be completely jealous of their book hauls. These girls have, like, every known book. I would also like to give a shout-out to Renee’s mom for guarding my stuff. She is a really good stuff guarder.

Michael Northrop was a complete gentleman and signed my copy of Gentlemen. I cannot wait to read this book. Every time I see Michael, I’m always making Gentlemen jokes. I might be like, “Only a true gentleman would say something that profound,” or “Stepping out to the gentlemen’s room?” I know, I’m so original! Michael never gets tired of my jokes.

Michael Northrop and Susane Colasanti

What made the massive signing even more special was that it was Coe Booth‘s birthday. She was presented with a delicious cake:

Coe Booth

Even Carolyn Mackler was in the house. In the YA lit world, she is pure sunshine. Carolyn is so warm and friendly and she’s usually surrounded by a swarm of adoring fans, but I was able to finally document us with her latest book, Tangled:

Carolyn Mackler and Susane Colasanti

Ooh, and Rachel Vail was there! Don’t you love her? She’s totally sweet. And she was wearing a cute necklace with a blue star. Here’s Rachel signing copies of Gorgeous:

Rachel Vail

The cover is gorgeous. See, there I go being original again.

If you didn’t make it to the Festival this year, here’s a dose of good news: We’re doing it all again next year. So tune in, check back, and hopefully I’ll see you next time around!


17 thoughts on “signing of wonder, 2nd ed.

  1. Oh! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂
    It was so great to finally meet you! It was so exciting and I met so many great people. It really was an honor! (I can’t wait to finally be home though, haha)
    Thanks for all of your advice too!

      • Thank you! To me, authors and books are always worth major travel 🙂
        I will definitely start reading it tomorrow! I would have started it today but because of the car trouble we wont get back until around 10 tonight. I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  2. What a great and inspiring post! It really sounds like an excellent festival. It’s so cool that you share an editor with Sarah Dessen. What does it mean to be on the “Boy You Can’t Have” panel that you mentioned in a previous post?
    Thanks for the blog plugs – I’ve been wanting to follow more literary blogs lately, and all three of the book review blogs look enticing. I added them to my RSS feeds. 🙂 Are there any other author blogs or book review blogs or publishing blogs that you would suggest? It has been so hard to keep up with things like that during grad school… but I graduate in May!
    Teen books are so amazingly refreshing right now. I can’t believe the difference – and I wasn’t a teen that long ago!

    • Congrats on your upcoming graduation! I’m all proud 🙂
      The Boy You Can’t Have panel had authors who’ve written about a scenario in which a character wants a boy, but can’t have him. I read a little from Something Like Fate and then we had coffee talk. It was a super fun panel!
      As for other blogs, there really are so many good ones. I’ll think about mentioning some in a future post.

  3. I am going to come next year. I am going to come next year. I am going to come next year.
    Renee told me you signed a postcard for me!
    I can’t wait to get it. :]

  4. GUESS WHAT?!!
    I literally just returned from a book club meeting and guess what I got my greedy little hands on?
    I am absolutely thrilled! I had to fight the girl sitting beside me, but my fourteen years of life with a rowdy twin brother (fighting over the last twix bar and all.) turned out to be quite useful in this situation. 🙂
    I’ll definitely keep you posted on my reading.
    Cheers, Hannah
    P.s. My nails came in handy too… Beautiful, red, and sharp!

  5. Wow after the festival you seems so have so many more fans!
    Im still really bummed that I missed getting my picture taken with you 😦
    But theres always next year! I can get Something Like Fate signed!
    Even though my friend got sick she said she still wants to go back next year! She even said she wants to read you books 🙂
    Whoa! I thats really cool u share editors with Sarah Dessen! You two are my favorite authors!!

  6. Hey Susane! I just finished Something Like Fate and loved it! I posted a review of it on my blog too –
    I have some questions for you too 🙂
    Your books totally make me want to eat healthy like Lani and Marisa at the end of Waiting for You. Have any tips or websites that have tips for doing so? It’s hard for me living at school with no kitchen but I’ll be home for the summer and will have plenty of time!
    Where are these amazing Horoscope websites hiding? I want to check them out!
    Was the reference to berry loving pertaining to yourself? (you’ve talked on here something about it so I thought it might be 🙂 )
    And lastly, I am obsessed with the font for Something Like Fate and the intro to the chapters. Everytime I see it, I think it’s so beautiful! Do you know what font it is?
    Thanks so much for bringing me the book! I loved it and knew I would. Congrats!

    • Wow, that was incredibly fast! Thanks for reading and reviewing so quickly – I am impressed with you all over again 😉
      I’m going to answer your healthy living question in a future blog post because that issue deserves lots of attention (although I don’t know of any particular websites offhand). I’m also planning to discuss my inspiration for Something Like Fate soon and will link to the sites I used during my research.
      The berry reference is totally about me! Sadly, I don’t know the name of that font. I love it, too ❤

      • Oh no problem! I read super fast so I wanted to get a review out there for you right away 🙂
        I’ll definitely be looking forward to that next post. It’s going to help a lot of people. A lot of the stuff in Something Like Fate was really interesting too, so that’s awesome you’ll be posting about that.
        I caught on to a lot of cool references in the book just by reading this blog. I felt connected haha. I love how you put real things like that in your novels 🙂


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