next phase

Gearing up for the May 4 release of my fourth teen novel, Something Like Fate, while I was working on a revision of my fifth book was a bit strange. Sort of like I was straddling the Equator with my feet in different hemispheres. But now that I’ve submitted the revision to my editors, I can move into the next phase of Something Like Fate festivities. Right after I’m done with such glamourous tasks as laundry and dusting, that is. Whenever I’m close to a deadline, everything else just has to wait. Now the waiting is over and it’s time to shine.

First up is NYC Teen Author Festival week. I’ll be participating in events this week on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Here’s a complete listing of events and authors who are participating. Some of you have asked if I’ll be signing on Friday after my panel discussion. There’s actually an hour break after my panel, so if you can’t make it to the massive Books of Wonder signing on Sunday I can totally sign books on Friday. I’m really looking forward to meeting you guys in person!

I’ve also been asked by some book reviewers who’ve received ARCs of Something Like Fate when you can post a review on your blog. You may post your review anytime you’d like! Closer to the pub date is always best, but we’re only about six weeks from May 4 so anytime between now and then would be awesome. Here is an early review by So Many Books and anotherΒ review by Jeni Bell.

Even though we “lost” an hour yesterday (which was Pi Day and also Einstein’s birthday, as there are no coincidences) due to Daylight Savings, sunset is now at like 7:00. Which is righteous. I am inspired. So as I’m working on happy book release things, I’ll also be planning a vernal equinox celebration. It’s all about welcoming the light. Shine on, everyone!


13 thoughts on “next phase

  1. Congrats again on all of your book success lately! I’m counting down the days till the NYC Teen Author Festival. I’m looking forward to sight seeing and author seeing πŸ™‚
    Did the second list of galleys for Something Like Fate get sent out? No rush what so ever, I’m just wondering because I’m so excited to read it!

    • Hm, I haven’t heard anything about that mailing. I actually don’t know if Penguin has any galleys left. So you know what? I’m bringing one to Books of Wonder on Sunday for you. I have two galleys myself – one is for a Goodreads giveaway and the other is yours πŸ™‚
      See you soon!


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