ramble on

The other day I was in the deli and this lady in front of me bought some gum. When the cashier asked if she wanted a bag, she said yes. I really wanted to inform that lady that the correct answer was, in fact, no. No, you do not need a bag. For a pack of gum. Especially when you’re already carrying a bag. Oh, and also? You don’t need a pile of napkins for a bagel, in case you were wondering. A hundred years from now, people will probably look back on our wasteful ridiculousness and shake their heads. At least, that’s my hope.

I wasn’t in the deli to buy gum. If I chewed gum, it would stick to my Invisalign and be impossible to chew. Not that I was much of a gum chewer in my pre-braces life. Most of the time I didn’t get the point of gum. Like, you just chew it? And? I guess it’s a handy way to freshen up breath, but isn’t that what mints are for? Anyway. No, I was stocking up on my new preferred snack, Popchips. These things are genius. They’re a tasty alternative to evil potato chips, made from real food and without tons of calories. I’m sensing a new addiction looming on the horizon.

Besides people taking plastic bags when they don’t even need them, here’s something else I don’t get. My current Netflix adventures involve all five seasons of Ally McBeal. Only, I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue. The first season was awesome. Ally starts working at this law firm. Then she finds out that her ex (who also happens to be the love of her life) works there. Then she finds out that his wife works there, too. It was perfect. Ally and Billy would realize that they’ve never stopped loving each other, that they’re soul mates, that they have to be together…I couldn’t wait for the story to play out. But that’s not what happened at all. Instead, there were some lame excuses about why it could never work between them and the passion just fizzled out. Oh, and then Billy dies. Out of nowhere. What am I missing here? Wasn’t the whole point for them to be together? Although I have to say, now that Robert Downey Jr. has entered the scene, I am liking things a lot more. I mean hello, Wonder Boys? Love him.

Today I was researching the Hudson River Park piers and guess what I found out? One of the piers in Tribeca is going to have mini golf! That’s only one neighborhood below mine! I swear, this made me so happy. If they decide to add Skee-Ball, I will be ecstatic. I’m not sure if the construction will be done this spring, but here’s more good news: Spring is only eight days away! Par. Tay.


9 thoughts on “ramble on

  1. Hi there!
    My name is Hannah and yesterday I picked up a copy of your book. Loved every freaking word of it and am psyched to read more…
    You’ll be hearing from me! Thanks for your books!
    Love, Hannah S.

  2. I definitely know what you mean with the TV show thing! I’m a major fan of Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. The whole show is about the main character, Melinda, and her husband, Jim, and how their love is so unique and eternal. Then for some reason in the 4th season, they decide to KILL Jim. WHAT??? Why would they kill Jim? It’s Jim! (As you can tell I kind of got attached). Then all this drama went on and they ended up bringing him back in this weird and complicated and completely unnecessary way. I don’t get TV shows who do that. It’s like, “Helloooo? We’d like your show a whole lot more if you didn’t kill off our favorite and important characters.”

  3. Gah, I can’t stand the people who use bags like that! I worked in a grocery store my senior year and people would ask for bags for the most ridiculous things or the cashiers would give big bags for things we could use little bags for. It was so frustrating.
    (Also, you should totally watch Ghost Whisperer! It’s awesome :-D.)

    • Re: mini golf!
      You like mini golf? I love how I’m discovering this on my blog. Like, of COURSE I want to play. And be on the lookout for Skee-Ball. Although when we played that time in Cali you got bored pretty quickly, whereas I could Skee-Ball all day. But that’s okay because you gave me all your tickets and I traded them in for some sparkly prizes. One can never have too many glitter pens 🙂


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