what a sweet dream came true

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Something major happened yesterday. A big dream of mine came true. Dreaming big is something I’ve always done. Despite all the times people have told me that the things I want the most are impossible, I’ve never stopped believing. They said I’d never have a book published. They said I could never be a full-time author. They said I’d never find an apartment in my dream neighborhood that I could afford. Most people just do not get my obsession with being as close as possible to the things that make me feel alive. And that includes concerts.

One thing I’ve been dreaming big about is scoring front row center floor seats to John Mayer at Madison Square Garden. Those seats are seriously hard to get. If you’ve read my books, you know how important his music is to me. So I never stopped believing that I could make that once-in-a-lifetime experience happen. After weeks of ticket pre-sales and online detective work and battling it out in a charity auction and then stomping around in the blizzard yesterday, that dream became reality. I got that front row center seat I’ve been wanting for so long. And being right in front of John the whole time was every bit as amazing as I knew it would be. Un. Real.

If you’re not a fan, sorry about the singular focus of this blog lately. Things will get back to normal next week. Well, after Monday – that’s when I’m posting unbelievable photos from the concert. I have exactly 533 photos to go through so I can pick the best ones to share with you. Then the winning Shiny New Haiku will be posted and we’ll return to our regular programming. Until then, here’s a preview:

John Mayer at Madison Square Garden, 2.25.10

John Mayer at Madison Square Garden, 2.25.10

John Mayer at Madison Square Garden, 2.25.10

Of course I’m going back tonight. There’s nothing like celebrating what makes us feel alive.

13 thoughts on “what a sweet dream came true

  1. Congratulations! Love the last photo. And when you tweeted about the concert earlier, I had “Real World” (I think that’s the title?) going through my head. Enjoy tonight! Jeni

  2. I love that you’re into concerts & music as much as the literary side of things. I’m amazed they let you take photos at a big-name concert!!! In New York, no less. I totally remember trying to upgrade tickets for big-name performers via auctions and the like. It is *definitely* a lot of work! I like how determined you are to make your ideal dreams come true, but even more surprisingly, your dreams don’t seem to disappoint you… they really end up being what you thought they would be. And that is nice to see. šŸ™‚

    • Dude, there was no way I could have been disappointed in this one! Being front row center was everything I imagined it would be. Even the set list was part of the Universe special – John played lots of my faves. Very few experiences are perfect, but this one was ā¤

    • Yay, I’m glad you’re excited for them! I’ve picked out the best photos from Thursday night and now I have to go through last night’s. There are SO many incredible ones. I’ll have to pick like five or six to post here on Monday, then do a Facebook album with the rest.

  3. šŸ™‚
    So exciting to see these pics! The universe brought you right there. šŸ™‚ can’t wait to see and hear more! sad i could not be there Friday…one day I will be.


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