sound erases noise

Wow! I’m so impressed with all the Shiny New Haiku I’ve already received. You have inspired me to write one of my own.

neighbor gamer

trying to pretend
that modern warfare next door
is a thunder storm

Yeah, it’s been fun times around here. Neighbor gamer combined with upstairs neighbor shouting into his phone at two in the morning and downstairs neighbor snoring so loudly I can hear it through the floor has been quite a ride. It makes me look forward to spring even more. Once I can keep the windows open, all this ambient noise dissipates.

But why should I care about noise? The only sound that matters right now is the soundtrack of my life, created by John Mayer. All I can think about is seeing John’s shows tomorrow and Friday. Please excuse my inability to focus on anything else.

So. Freaking. Excited.

8 thoughts on “sound erases noise

  1. Screen-Free Week
    1)My finals are less than a month away, so i plan to study like crazy which will only be possible without television.
    2)Write a letter to my pen-pal because i have been putting it off far too much plus now seems like the best time because the 1st anniversary of our friendship is coming up.
    3)Get back into the routine of proper hours of sleep because the television won’t be there to distract my sleep away.
    Sana Noor

  2. ZOMG!! This is so exciting. I would totally read the first four chapters right now, but I love reading the book when it’s actually out, so I won’t spoil myself. But, seriously, SQUEE!

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