anderson’s warehouse

My morning of travel to Chicago did not begin on a positive note. I woke up to the news of a plane crash in New Jersey and a winter weather advisory. Not at all what I was hoping for on my first flight alone since September 11, 2001.

Fortunately, things started looking up at the airport when I got lucky with an upgrade to first class. Warm Cookie Territory! It was funny because I assumed that there wouldn’t be warm cookies on such a short flight. So after lunch, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put my braces back in. Brushing your teeth in an airplane bathroom is more complicated than it should be. Especially when orthodontia is involved. I was relieved to get it over with. But then. What did I find when I got back to my seat? The flight attendant asking if I’d like a warm cookie! I hesitated because I knew that I’d have to go through the whole teeth-brushing-putting-Invisalign-back-in thing, but of course I wanted my warm cookie. I was like, Bring it on. The guy next to me declined. I could not get over how he didn’t want his warm cookie. The warm cookie is the best part!

Okay, enough about the flight. The whole point of traveling to Chicago was not for a first class warm cookie. It was for a Something Like Fate pre-pub event at Anderson’s Warehouse in Aurora. So much fun! Everyone was incredibly welcoming and wonderful. I was thrilled to see such a successful indie bookstore that attracts lots of dedicated readers. And this bookstore really was part of a warehouse, as you can see here:

Something Like Fate pre-pub event at Anderson's Warehouse

I was talking to some of the girls about their high school, which has like 3,000 students. I cannot imagine going to a huge school like that. My high school was tiny. Even though I didn’t know each person in my grade personally, I knew of them. Plus I knew kids in other grades. But in a huge school, you don’t even know everyone in your own grade! Love that. You could reinvent yourself and actually get away with it. You could meet someone new. You could have a whole new group of friends every year, or even every semester. That discussion was enlightening and I had a really fun time talking with everyone. Thanks to Becky Anderson for hosting this event! Thanks also to Sheila, who was very sweet about schlepping me to and from my hotel.

Now I’m excited for my upcoming book tour. The best part of my job is meeting readers. You are why I write. For me, getting to see you in person is the ultimate because that’s when my books feel their most real. I’ll be doing a few events here in New York next month and my tour info should be posted then as well, so keep checking back for all the details. I hope to see you really soon!