It’s Funday Friday over at The Truth About Books! I’m psyched that Tricia has posted an interview with me today. Something Like Fate, inspiration, and my desert island picks (with some cheating – I couldn’t help it!) are all part of the funday. It’s a relatively new super cute blog, so why not head on over and share the love?

This is the second week of my new real-life minidrama, Life with Invisalign. Gripping, I know. They’re pretty easy to live with. Lately I’m forgetting that I even have braces. Yeah, I guess there’s actually not much drama involved. You just have to take them out before you eat, then brush your teeth before you put them back in. This process is simple, but it does place snacking under a harsh light. Like, there will be a cookie and I’ll be like, Do I really want to go through the whole rigamarole of taking out and brushing for a cookie? Not so much. I am anticipating weight loss.

But let’s not get crazy. Of course I have to eat. One of my fave lunches is Earthly Eats Vegetarian Chicken Salad. It tastes just like real chicken salad!* I like to do the locavore thing as much as possible, which is great because this item (which contains soy protein instead of real chicken) is made nearby. The thing is, Earthly Eats only distributes to a few local health food stores, plus places like Whole Foods. Whenever I go to Whole Foods, they’re either out or there’s like one container left. I have looked into this complication. I’ve spoken with managers. I’ve called Earthly Eats. I’ve asked almost every stock boy when it’s stocked on the shelves. Despite my various research attempts, most trips to Whole Foods yield disappointment and zero containers of Vegetarian Chicken Salad. Even as I’m walking to that section of the deli case, I expect to maybe see one or two containers if I’m lucky. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see this:

Earthly Eats Vegetarian Chicken Salad

What?! There were more containers than I’ve probably seen in my entire life. I’d like to think this larger shipment was the result of my relentless interrogations, but I’m sure I’m not the only fan. Here’s hoping this abundance becomes a regular thing.

*Disclaimer: I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years. After 15 years of having not eaten any animals**, one tends to forget what real chicken tastes like. If you are not a vegetarian and would like to try this Earthly Eats delight, please note that it probably won’t taste like chicken to you.

**Note: Chicken and fish are animals. You would be surprised at how many people do not know this.

13 thoughts on “abundance

          • Hey Susane! Im 13 years old and love your books! I also have lived in NYC all my life! YOu should try Whole Foods on Spring street in SoHo (if ur nearby) because they are usually stocked pretty well there! Im not a veggie but my brother is so im used to eating that kind of food! 🙂

          • Hi Susane! I am 13 years old and love your books! I am currently reading Waiting For You! I have also lived in NYC all my life! You should try Whole Foods on Spring street in SoHo (if your nerby) they usually have a great selection! Im not a veggie but my rother is so I am used to eating that kind of food!

              • Your welcome!
                I just read your life story on your website, I just would like to say I am just like you as a kid. I am a nerd (Maybe not a nerd I just LOVE to read and write) I am not sure why but I was never great at making friends, books are my friends! I currenty have 3 bookcases full of books that I love! I only have read two of your books but you are already one of my favorite authors! Thank you so much for writing your books and I would love to be a author when I grow up! I am also becomeing a daily blog reader of yours!

          • Couldn’t get it-but they had a different brand of which I can no longer remember the name because I finished the container. Very yummy. Now I’m going to have to track the other down to do a taste comparison. When I find the name again I’ll let you know. :o)


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