snow day

Today was a snow day. Here in New York, this is a big deal. Our public schools are never closed. Plus, the snow day was announced a whole day early, which never ever happens. There were only two or three snow days in the entire last decade. (What did we decide to call that, by the way? The aughts? The 2000s? Personally, I call it the 00s, which I pronounce “the oh-oh’s”). But yeah, snow days are a rare thing around these parts, no matter how much snow we get.

I remember we had this severe ice storm like ten years ago. The sidewalks were so slicked with ice that you couldn’t take two steps without falling. It was like trying to walk on polished glass. Naturally, schools were not closed. This didn’t prevent everyone from staying home, though. Except me. When I was teaching, I had this thing about attendance. So there I was, trying to get to school in the ice storm. It took me about 45 minutes to walk half a block. I scavenged a piece of cardboard and slid the rest of the way on that. I put one foot on the cardboard and pushed myself along with the other. Push, slide. Push, slide. Ridiculous. Of course I was the only reject who showed up at school that day. Ah, memories.

Along with the unprecedented announcement, I heard something else yesterday. The first mourning dove of spring. I was so happy! Only, it’s not spring. Not even close (sorry, I know how brutal that truth is). He was clearly confused, and not just because we had freezing fog this morning. Freezing fog! I get the concept, but I taught Meteorology for a long time and I have to say, that’s a new one. Well, I hope that mourning dove took cover. I hope he’s somewhere safe. Because when the snow melts and it’s sunny again, I’ll be listening for that first sign of spring. A person has to have something to look forward to, after all.

4 thoughts on “snow day

  1. Hi Susane!
    I also live in NYC! I couldnt believe it either when Bloomberg went on the news and said that school would be closed! The very first snow day since I have been born has been this year (it was a couple weeks before Christmas) and now this one! I have been going to public school since forever and guess what? Since I have the worst luck EVER I chose this year to be homeschooled! So the first two snowdays of my life didnt even count!!!!
    Haha I dont remeber the ice strom personally because I was only three but my older brother and mom tell me about it all the time! Lol
    I am currently reading Waiting For You by the way and so far I think its amazing!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying it.
      Yes, snow days are a special kind of awesome, but at least you don’t have to travel to school in the cold wind. That has to be the best part of working at home for me. Oh, and not getting up in total darkness also rules 🙂

  2. ‘Summer’s here and the time is right…’
    No one living here in the NE entertains many illusions about the typical NYC winter, but I have to say this one has been particularly brutal, both temps and snow.
    The struggle to maintain one’s spirits, in this or any adversity, always seems to make for good literature, art and music: that’s what seems to give it such traction.
    Springsteen may seem like a dinosaur to many of your readers, but a young Canadian singer who doesn’t appear that often has done an amazing version of a 30 + yr old tune that puts a fresh take on some of his poetry.
    Song about NJ, fighting for hope, redemption, rebirth: things that make you want to keep living.
    Think its great for this time of year. Kinda a male tune, but she makes it work really well.
    Wanted to share it with you and your readers:

  3. Re: ‘Summer’s here and the time is right…’
    “Song about NJ, fighting for hope, redemption, rebirth: things that make you want to keep living.”
    Love Bruce, love this fresh take. Thanks for sharing!


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